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Will Martinez

My name is Will Martinez. I am a Cambridge graduate and consultant working in London. I run this website to share insights, guides, and more about consulting. You can find out more about me at

The Cons of Working in Consulting

There are plenty of resources out there about the pros and cons of consulting.  Perhaps more on the pro-side.  Here, we want to offer some of what we think are the downsides and hard truths about working as a consultant.  One of the biggest issues in a consultancy is the un-diverse educational background.  The hiring habits …

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Ex-BCG consultant – The Inside Story

James is now a coach at Case Coach after working for 3 years at BCG.  How did you find the management consulting lifestyle? There is no doubt that the management consulting lifestyle is extremely challenging, but also exciting. You workhard and are expected to meet very high levels of performance at all times.But you get to …

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Is Consulting Boring?

The biggest criticism of consultants is that they aren’t actually all that intelligent and creative.  Really, they’re just very good at following instructions.  Frameworks Firstly, anyone familiar with the industry will know the myriad frameworks used for solving cases.  These include Porters’ Five Forces or the 4Ps, which can be applied to multiple scenarios. Most …

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The Future of Consulting

In this article, we look at the future of consulting. Its latest developments, approaches and broadly, what the future holds for strategy consulting. Before the last ten years, consulting firms had worked in the same way for a long time.  They recruited talented generalists who worked on all kinds of strategy and operations projects.  Recently, this …

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How Do Consultants Really “Add Value”?

When consultants talk about their work, they talk in terms of “added value”.  It is the life-blood of what they do. It is the reason they exist! But how could at it are they really? “Value added” is usually a numerical value, like revenue or profit.  Consultants back this up with qualitative change, like an …

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Why Are Consultants Paid So Much? Solved!

Average starting salaries for consultants are around $61k to $85k. This rises to around $150,000 at the senior consultant level, and partners make anywhere from $300,000 to over a million! But why are consultants paid so much? Consultants endure a high workload, and stressful working environment. They are skilled employees that are able to drive …

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4 Reasons People Want to Become Consultants

Graduates all seem to want to be management consultants.  You are probably one of them!  But what does it really offer you that other jobs don’t?  Many budding consultants can’t answer this question to themselves or to recruiters, so I’ve compiled some of my own idea. I basically think there are 4 main reasons people …

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