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About The Cambridge Consultant

The Cambridge Consultant was founded in March 2020 by Will Bennett, a Cambridge graduate who subsequently worked as a consultant for Boston Consulting Group in London, UK.

He went through the graduate application process a few years before that. He found there are plenty of resources telling you how to get into a top firm.  Everyone with a keyboard seems to know what to do to get a job.

But he struggled to find resources talking about what it’s like to be a consultant. This blog is here to answer all those questions. 

Our writers all have direct experience of consulting, and focus on tips, advice, and news that matters.

If there’s anything, in particular, you want to know or just want to get in touch, email us at [email protected].

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Our major goal is to be the #1 source of news for management consultants, MBAs, and more. Our aspirations are:

  • To educate our audience
  • To share no fluff, actionable content only

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Our Writers

will b author

Will Bennett

Cambridge Graduate, and professional consultant with Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

You can find him on Linked In here.

You can read more on his Author page here.

Martin Williams

Worked as a journalist, and as a Lead Educational Consultant for many years.

You can find him on Linked In here.

You can read more on his Author page here.


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