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Accenture Acceptance Rate – Revealed

Getting a job at Accenture is tough! It’s exclusive, and it’s competitive (no surprises here). But what is the Accenture acceptance rate for those applying for a job there?

I did extensive research and found that the acceptance rate at Accenture is around 6%. This data is based on the fact that the firm received over 1 million applications last year and hired only 60,000 candidates.

The company also accepts 27% of candidates through college campuses and around 12% from its employee referrals.

In this post, I’ll reveal:

  • The stats for the Accenture acceptance rate
  • Factors that influence the Accenture acceptance rate
  • How the Accenture recruiting process works, and how this influences acceptance rate
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Accenture Acceptance Rate

Accenture plc is an Irish-American consultancy and IT services firm based in Dublin.

Founded in 1989, it is considered one of the most prestigious professional service firms. They currently have over 721,000 employees and offices in more than 120 countries. (So it’s pretty big!) (Source)

As a beacon of excellence, Accenture attracts many talented individuals seeking to join its ranks. However, like any other reputable company, Accenture has a competitive and rigorous selection process.

It is this that shapes its low acceptance rate. 

This rate reflects

  • The level of demand
  • The formidable standards the firm has set for finding top-tier talent within the respective roles

Last year, Accenture received over 1 million applications for specific job positions. However, the firm hired only 60,000 professionals, keeping its acceptance rate at 6%. 

The key information here is that this global enterprise recruits about 27% of young candidates through college campuses and around 12% from employee referrals. (Source)

Here’s the list of the total number of employees at Accenture over the years to give you a better understanding of its acceptance rate:

YearNumber of Employees


Factors Affecting the Acceptance Rate At Accenture

The acceptance rate at Accenture is influenced by various factors that determine your selection (or not) at the firm. These factors include:

1. Number Of Applications Received

Accenture receives over 1 million applications for job openings.

This obviously massively increases the competition for respective roles. Thus the HR team meticulously analyzes each application to select the most qualified candidates. 

To stand out from the competition and secure a position at the firm, you have to carefully structure your resume and CV to showcase your qualification, skills, and experiences. 

2. Hiring Needs Of The Firm

This is a biggie, that often is overlooked!

The hiring needs of Accenture are another significant factor affecting the acceptance rate of the firm.

The company will accept more candidates if more job openings and positions are available in a service line. 

3. Academic Background

Accenture typically seeks young professionals with a full-time Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. They usually look for candidates from reputable universities in their respective disciplines. (Source)

But that’s not enough!

Accenture usually accepts candidates who have maintained an aggregate of 65% or CGPA of 7.25 and above throughout their academic career. (Source)

That is clearly a demanding benchmark!

4. Backlogs At The Time Of Applying To The Firm 

Accenture recruits candidates who have successfully cleared all their subjects and have no active backlogs when applying for a job. 

This helps the firm to hire individuals who have an excellent academic background. (Source)

5. Gap In Education

The firm usually hires professionals who only have a maximum gap of one year in education from 10th grade/standard until the completion of graduation degree. 

So if backpacking round Europe for three years is your thing, this will put you at a big disadvantage (you’ve been warned!).

6. Experience And Technical Knowledge 

Experience and technical knowledge are also primary factors affecting Accenture’s acceptance percentages.

If you do not possess a minimum of 2+ years of experience in the offered role, the chances of getting hired at the firm diminish, further lowering the acceptance rate. (Source)

Skyline of Dublin looking over the Liffey
The headquarters of Accenture are in Dublin, Ireland

Steps In Hiring Process Affecting Accenture Acceptance Rate

The recruitment process is intricately tied to the acceptance rate at Accenture.

It serves as a gateway for ambitious professionals to join this prestigious firm. 

1. Application Submission

The Accenture application process requires candidates to submit their CVs, resumes, and other details.

The HR team then carefully analyze the applications and assess individuals based on their qualification, experience, and alignment with the job role. 

Given the high demand for positions at Accenture and its competitive nature, it is no surprise that many applicants face rejection at this stage. 

2. Phone Interview or Initial Screening

If you successfully get past the application stage, the HR team at Accenture invites you for a phone interview or initial screening to further narrow down the list of accepted candidates. (Source)

3. Skill Tests

After the phone interview, the HR team informs you whether you are selected for the next stage and assess your skills in two to three rounds, each lasting 40-50 minutes. 

The skill assessment test starts with a General aptitude test evaluating overall cognitive abilities. It helps the firm to gauge your data analysis and critical thinking skills. (Source)

This recruitment stage further lowers the Accenture acceptance rate and selects only the top talent for the respective service line.

The next stage is a communicative assessment in which the HR team assesses your English language proficiency. In this stage, they give you a topic to discuss within 20 minutes.  (Source)

4. Interview Stage

After the skills test, Accenture gives their positive or negative feedback in 2 days to 1 week to initiate 2 rounds of interviews with the manager/HR or the director.  (Source)

They will ask you some common interview questions along with technical ones to assess your fit for the company’s culture and the job role.

According to an applicant at Accenture, “I was first interviewed by the HR specialist about my application and my background, then I had 2 interviews, one interview with a manager and one interview with a director.” (Source)

6. Offer Letter

If you successfully pass all the assessment and interview rounds, you’ll receive the offer letter from Accenture. 

When you accept the letter, you’ll start your journey at the firm with the New Joiner Orientation to meet new colleagues and learn more about Accenture. (Source)

This is the final stage of the recruitment process and sets the final mark for the acceptance rate at Accenture. 


  • Will Bennett

    Will Bennett is a Cambridge graduate. He worked as a Consultant and Senior Consultant at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in London. Will is the Founder of The Cambridge Consultant.