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6 Of Accenture’s Biggest Clients (Ranked)

Accenture has established itself as a trusted partner with more than 9,000 prestigious businesses across the industry. But which are their biggest clients?

Accenture or its employees don’t fully disclose the list of business operations; however, I’ve managed to dig out some details through extensive research and found these biggest clients the company has worked with or currently engaged in a service: 

  1. Cardinal Health, Inc.
  2. Best Buy
  3. Barclays
  4. CNH Health
  5. Adidas
  6. Old Mutual Wealth

Below, I’ll discuss these Accenture’s biggest clients based on the revenue generated and highlight their respective industries.

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Adidas logo on a shop front in Manhattan

1. Cardinal Health, Inc.

Cardinal Health, Inc is the biggest client of Accenture and offers customized solutions for health systems, pharmacies, and hospitals. 

i. Exploring RFID and ECP Technologies

Acting as a program manager, Accenture associates coordinate with pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, including Cardinal Health, Inc., to explore the use of RFID and ECP technologies in:

  • Enhancing supply chain safety and security
  • Improving pharmaceutical returns management
  • Increasing distribution efficiency

ii. Testing the RFID

Accenture is also working closely with Cardinal Health, Inc. and other pharmaceutical manufacturers to test how the radioactive identification technology can improve:

  • Managing the products’ expiry dates 
  • Tracking the lots and batches of the products
  • Processing the returns and accuracy of shipping and receiving the products
  • Maintaining the integrity of the operations 
  • Protecting the security and safety of the products and the well-being of consumers

By providing technical expertise, program management, and insights, Accenture is helping Cardinal Health, Inc. to adopt these emerging technologies and improve the company’s supply chain operations. (Source)

Jamie Hintlian, a partner in Accenture, states, “These technologies are becoming widely recognized as a powerful tool. The RFID initiative is groundbreaking in that it brings together leading companies across the pharmaceutical industry to not only design and evaluate ways to improve supply chain integrity and accuracy but also to help consumers receive authentic medicines.”

2. Best Buy 

Best Buy, a leading multinational consumer electronics retailer, outsourced all its IT operations to Accenture in April 2004.

This decision aimed to improve Best Buy’s business efficiency and flexibility in response to its changing business needs. (Source)

Later on, in July 2004, Best Buy entered into a seven-year strategic relationship to benefit from Accenture’s consulting and outsourcing services for:

  • Catering Supply chain management
  • Adding more features to the Best Buy website
  • Improving customer call centers’ vendor management
  • Upgrading data and analytics that support the customer-centered initiative 
  • Enhancing the scope of Best Buy’s IT operations

To add to the mix, Accenture reduced the ownership cost of IT systems by providing Best Buy with a simpler operating OS. 

Over 600 Best Buy employees transitioned to Accenture for training and now work in their Richfield, Minneapolis corporate campus.


In 2020, Best Buy again joined hands with Accenture to improve its strategic priorities by focusing on technology innovation, talent development, and enhancing its overall operation. 

1. Building And Growing Diverse Talent

Since Best Buy aims to expand its digital and technology team by hiring 1000 new employees, Accenture supports them in recruiting, training, and engaging diverse talent from different genders and ethnicities.

2. Investing In Technology Innovation

Accenture and Best Buy collaborate and invest in new technology projects. These projects improve customers’ interactions with Best Buy products, make operations more efficient, and grow the business faster in key areas. 

3. Investing In Learning And Development

During the five years of collaboration, Best Buy benefited from Accenture’s top-notch learning and development programs. (Source)

These include online training courses and its rigorous, three-month training boot camp for emerging talent, strengthening Best Buy’s technological workforce.

Accenture also helps strengthen Best Buy’s technological strategies, such as data science and information security.  

Besides that, the company will help Best Buy with product development and user experience design for better delivery and business operations.

Brian Tilzer, who is Best Buy’s chief digital and technology officer, says, “Our primary goal is to create the best possible experience for our customers and our employees who serve them directly, and this collaboration will help drive that important work forward. We’re excited to work with Accenture to advance technology innovation and build an even stronger technology team at Best Buy.”

Best Buy shop front with car park
Best Buy outsourced all its IT operations to Accenture as long ago as 2004

3. Barclays

Barclays is a UK multinational banking and financial institution that offers various services to individuals, corporate and institutional customers. 

In 2004, Barclay signed a contract with Accenture worth over £400m for six years to outsource its IT application development and management for commercial and retail banking systems based in the UK. 

Under this agreement, Accenture provided services and staff related to:

  • Support and maintenance activities
  • Systems development
  • Enhancement of existing services
  • Function handled by Barclays and Accenture shared IT service unit

The agreement also involves the transfer of approximately 900 Barclays employees to Accenture over 12 months with no compulsory redundancies for two years. 

The project’s main focus was to help Barcely respond quickly to the changing market demands in technology and improve resource flexibility and cost efficiency, aligning with its strategy for improved retail and commercial IT capabilities.


Recently, Accenture and Salesforce formed an alliance to launch the “Salesforce Sustainability Cloud,” which is built on Salesforce Customer 360 to help businesses meet the demands of stakeholders and customers, integrate sustainability, and advance UN SDGs goals. (Source)

Barclays is using this product to personalize customer engagement and gather information about them to create a comprehensive profile. 

4. CNH Industrial 

CNH Industrial is a multinational capital goods company specializing in making high-quality technology and equipment for Construction and Agriculture.

CNH Industrial faced challenges with its application management services due to the complex landscape, which consumes information technology resources and restricts digital growth.

To address this, CNH Industrial became the Accenture client in 2020 to provide and implement strategic solutions over the next five years. 

Accenture and Microsoft, through their joint venture Avanade, are helping CNH Industrial in its digital transformation initiative. The aim is to grow revenue, build a digitally enabled workforce, develop smart connected products, and improve sustainability. 

1. Creation Of Digital Hubs

Accenture, CNH Industrial, and Microsoft focus on creating a network of global digital hubs in the US, Brazil, India, and Europe for the collaboration period. 

These hubs will serve as centers for developing, implementing, and operating digital services to:

  • Make the products smarter
  • Increase their functionality
  • Improve sustainability
  • Make the products secure to use


2. Taking Measures to Drive Growth & Revenue

The collaboration involves driving revenue growth by introducing new technologies like AI, Advanced Analytics, User Support, IoT, and chatbots through Accenture myWizard. (Source)

For CNH Industrial’s application management services, Accenture proactively monitors the SAP solution landscape by collecting and analyzing business data. 

These include:

  • Ticket resolution
  • Monitoring and preventive maintenance
  • Alerts
  • Business service monitoring
  • Continuous improvement activities 

Some other primary focuses of the collaboration are to develop smart connected vehicles for predictive maintenance, enhanced fleet management, and computer-aided farming to create digital teams across the globe for faster productivity. (Source)

All of these integrated tools help CNH Industrial business run efficiently by freeing up costly resources and resulting in revenue growth. 

5. Adidas

Although Adidas is still a leader in the sports clothing industry, the company engaged with Accenture to overcome the biggest challenges related to:

  • Apparel Testing
  • UX & UI site features
  • Customer service

Adidas always needed a way to evaluate a SaaS vendor to offer quick 2-day shipping and return to their customers. 

Accenture did that by offering this service to Adidas mobile customers, which directly affected their incentive to purchase more, resulting in an increased +4.00% conversion rate and revenue growth. (Source)

6. Quilter plc (Formally Old Mutual Wealth)

Old Mutal Wealth, now known as Quilter plc, is a banking and financial services company that provides advice, investments, and wealth management solutions to individuals and businesses in the UK. (Source

In 2012, Old Mutal Wealth chose Accenture ALIP for Insurance ERP, an enterprise resource planning system that helps the company clients gain operational and administrative benefits. 

Accenture ALIP is a powerful SaaS solution enabling insurance companies to quickly deliver new customized products and streamline Old Mutual Wealth business operations. 

Old Mutual Wealth replaced its legacy application with Accenture ALIP to enhance its business capabilities and offer customers new, more personalized digital services and products. 


However, Old Mutual Wealth ended its re-platforming project with IFDS and assigned it to FNZ instead. The company also contracted with Deloitte as its new consultant, replacing Accenture, which was assisting IFDS on the project. 


Here is the table summarizing Accenture’s biggest clients based on their yearly revenue:

Accenture’s Client NameRanking Based on Yearly Revenue
Cardinal Health, Inc.$181.36 Billion
Best Buy$46.30 Billion
Barclays$25.007 Billion
CNH Industrial$23.55 Billion
Adidas$23.718 Billion
Old Wealth Wealth$22.50 Billion


  • Will Bennett

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