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Booz Allen Hamilton Internship (Updated For 2023)

Booz Allen Hamilton Internship

Are you interested in a career in management consulting? Then, Booz Allen Hamilton may be the perfect internship program for you.

Unique and innovative, Booz Allen was the first management consultancy to introduce its virtual internship program – long before the pandemic! As a result, Booz Allen boasts impressive feedback and ratings on public platforms such as Glassdoor, many of which are from its past interns.

Carry on reading to find out more about the Booz Allen internship program.

What Internship Programmes Does Booz Allen Hamilton Have?

Booz Allen runs two internship programs; one is virtual and a traditional office internship. The virtual internship program is conducted online, popularly known as the Booz Allen Summer Games. The traditional “summer hire” program is held at a physical location at Booz Allen’s various offices.

How Do the Booz Allen Internship Programmes Work?

Booz Allen’s Summer Games internship program is a 10-week program that mirrors a live set-up. The virtual internship is basically a start-up accelerator.

Interns are tasked with developing solutions to problems.

Interns work closely with Booz Allen mentors and are assigned a team to find solutions to business problems.

At the end of the 10-week period, interns will present the final product online to a judging panel of Booz Allen consultants, who will assess the outcome and performance of each team. 

The more traditional internship is the normal ‘summer hire’ program. A summer hire intern will support a specific project team and will be accountable to team members.

The roles, responsibilities, and expectations of a summer hire are also determined by the intern’s allocated team, as different projects will have different requirements

What Can I Expect as a Booz Allen Summer Games Intern?

Previous interns have commented favorably about the program.

For example, Raj Shah, a 2019 Summer Games Intern, commented that the Booz Hamilton internship gave him an opportunity to take full responsibility for a project alongside his peers for the first time since engaging in internships. 

Another past intern, Joshua Fleming from the 2018 Summer Games program, commended the Booz Allen internship program as being one of his most empowering career experiences. He said further that mentors assisted in growing interns to their full potential and in their careers.

A 2019 Summer Games intern, Leilani Porter, added that Booz Allen offered interns resources to assist them in the same way that employees enjoyed.

What Kind of Projects Can I Expect to Work on as an Intern at Booz Allen?

Areas of work range from engineering, data sciences, design to humanities, healthcare, and other related pathways. Booz Allen has projects which range broadly across fields.

For example, their projects range from the opioid crisis, unattended airplane safety, and human trafficking. 

What Are the Benefits of an Internship at Booz Allen?

Besides having an opportunity to either apply for a virtual or in-person internship, Booz Allen also allows interns to use their internship as an additional credit towards their academic year.

In-person internships are offered throughout Booz Allen’s US offices, giving interns a range of offices to choose from when applying. 

All internships are paid, although Booz Allen does not share much in the way of the figures.

According to Glassdoor, interns at Booz Allen earn an average wage of $25 per hour or $3000 to $7000 per month.

The Summer Games internship program salary is based on the academic seniority of an intern. The same guidelines are applied to the in-person internship. However, Booz Allen states that internship salaries are ultimately decided by the team to which an intern is allocated. 

Interns work similar hours to full-time employees, in that interns work a typical 40-hour week from 9:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday.

Specific times may differ depending on the nature of the project and guidance from the project team to which the intern is allocated.

Interns nonetheless work fewer hours as compared to interns at most top companies, and their weekends are free to enjoy.

Booz Allen also assists its employees in repaying tuition fees and loans or partially covers tuition fees for its working students. An internship at Booz Allen is a great way to get your foot in the management consulting door, especially to build up work experience while still a student.

What Do I Need to Qualify for the Booz Allen Internship?

The Booz Allen Summer Games internship is open to undergraduates at universities or colleges at all levels of study. However, seniors who are closer to their academic end line than junior students are given preference

Although it is a big plus, Booz Allen does not require its interns to have past work experience. 

Booz Allen reviews aspects of every applicant, such as academic work, volunteering history, extracurricular involvement, and other experiences that speak to your skills and expertise.

Most interns usually are in college; however, a small number of interns are in graduate schools or post-graduate programs.

How and When Do I Apply for a Booz Allen Internship?

Applications open during Booz Allen’s fall recruiting season, ranging from late August to late October. 

Booz Allen attends career fair days at universities all across the country, and it is possible for applicants to sign up on-campus. In addition, all internship programs are posted on Booz Allen’s website, which can be accessed on this link:

Booz Allen’s candidate portal is called Workday, where potential applicants can create their profile and apply online through the portal instead. The portal can be accessed on this link:

Booz Allen also recommends that potential applicants stay up to date with publications on its University Talent Community to learn about future programs. The link is available here:

Ultimately, Booz Allen further recommends that aspiring interns focus on network building, approaching Booz Allen on campus, and ensuring that your application documents are solid and that you prepare well for interviews. 


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