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Do Deloitte Fly Business Class? Revealed

A life at Deloitte is full of perks! Right? Or so we are led to believe.

So, does that mean that Deloitte employees will fly business class to destinations?

I asked a few employees at Deloitte and discovered that the consultants or other professionals at the firm do fly business class if certain conditions are met. These are:

  • The client’s travel policy and the budget allocated to the project allow for it
  • Seniority level or your position at the firm
  • Duration and distance of the flight
  • Platinum status with the airline
  • Purpose of travel

There’s a few different things going on at the same time, so in this post, I’ll try to answer:

  • Do Deloitte employees fly business class?
  • Conditions for flying business class
  • Benefits of traveling business class for work purposes at the firm
  • Frequency of work travelling at Deloitte
Business Class Deck on a flight, with cream leather seats and white roses on a table in a vase
A gorgeous business class flight deck. But is this the kind of thing that Deloitte employees experience?

Super Quick Overview About Deloitte

Here’s the super-fast overview…

Deloitte is a leading multinational consulting firm operating in over 150 countries.

They offer different services to organizations, businesses, and government institutes, such as:

  • Risk advisory
  • Financial Advisory
  • Audit and assurance
  • Tax
  • Consulting 


The table below will give you some more information about Deloitte and its inside operations:

Total Employees415,000
Founded In1845
Total Revenue$59.3 Billion 
Ranking Among Big 41st (based on revenue)
Global CEOJoe Ucuzoglu
Global ChairmanPunit Renjen 
Industry FocusFinance, technology, healthcare, and more

Do Deloitte Fly Business Class?

Deloitte has a long-standing in the consulting industry.

It has earned multiple awards and accolades. Due to its prestigious status, the company attracts some of the brightest minds in the field, who usually have to travel a lot to work with different clients. 

But how many perks (such as business travel) do they all get?

Well, the truth is that consultants or other professionals at Deloitte only fly business class as per standard policy if their travel meets certain conditions, which are the following:

1. Client Preferences and Project Budget

The first factor that determines your eligibility to fly business class at Deloitte is the client’s preferences and budget. 

If the project has a substantial budget and the client approves, you and your team may fly business class to visit the work site. (Source)

I’m a huge consultant forum geek, and I found the following very enlightening comment from a former Deloitte employee on one of these: “It is more common to book business class for international flights. Most projects would frown on it, given the budget and therefore profitability implications.”

The Deloitte building in downtown Los Angeles, at twilight

2. Position at Deloitte

Like any big company, it is a hierarchy!

Your seniority level or position at Deloitte also impacts if you can get to fly business class.

Generally, individuals in higher-ranking positions have a much better chance of sneaking in. (Source)

These senior posts are: 

  • Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Project Delivery Analysts
  • Associateg Partners and Principals

These professionals often have more extensive responsibilities and are usually entrusted with high-value client relationships.

Therefore, the firm arranges business class flights for their productivity and comfort on relevant trips. You also look and feel important, and (simple as it sounds) this can go a long way! 

3. Duration of the Flight

Another important consideration is the duration and distance of your trips.

Deloitte may offer business class travel for international flights longer than 3-7 hours.

However, you are not eligible for business class if you do coast-to-coast flights for work projects. (Source)

4. Platinum Status At Airline

While working at Deloitte and flying economy, you can earn platinum status by redeeming your points to get complimentary upgrades to business class. (Isn’t that fantastic?)

Not only that, Deloitte has special deals with certain airlines, and all you need to do is fill out a simple form to get an upgrade to the business travel class. (Source

5. Purpose of the Travel

The purpose of travel is another decisive factor that determines if you get to enjoy the luxury of flying business class. 

At Deloitte, you are more likely to experience this comfort for:

  • Internal projects
  • Training sessions
  • Internal meetings or other such business-related activities 


Let’s say you’re heading to an internal meeting to strategize and collaborate with your colleagues or seniors from other Deloitte offices. In such a case, the firm will arrange a better travel class for you on its own bill. 

Benefits of Traveling Business Class For Work At Deloitte

Is business class travel all it’s cracked up to be?

Well, for many – yes!

If you get eligible to fly business class for your Deloitte projects, you can enjoy the following benefits during the trips to make the most out of your time: 

  • More spacious and comfortable seats with head and footrests.
  • Adjustable seats that can lie flat like a bed.
  • Priority onboarding, security checks, immigration, baggage handling, and other perks (What a treat!).
  • Access to VIP lounge at the airports.
  • Complimentary meals during the flights with special menus.
  • Privacy during flights and more space to work with access to Wi-Fi.

Frequency of Work Travels At Deloitte

While you can sometimes fly business class for onsite visits to a conference or meetings in another city or state, it is equally important for you to understand Deloitte’s travel frequency.

You may have to travel Monday to Thursday to complete your projects as a consultant. For this, you must meet the client by mid-morning on Monday and leave the location mid-afternoon around 3 p.m. 

On top of that, the nature of the project and other requirements may also affect your travel frequency at Deloitte.

However, since Deloitte is now implementing work-life balance programs, your travel frequency may follow the 3/4/5 or alternate week policy. (Source)

Deloitte’s policy for travel accommodations is rooted in optimizing resources and aligning them with project needs. Hence, the frequency and class of travel vary widely to ensure a flexible approach that suits various project demands. 

If you’re looking for any more info about travel at Deloitte (or any of the other ‘Big 4’ firms), then I found the following Youtube video really helpful:


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