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Does KPMG Pay Overtime? Revealed

Being a leading accounting firm and part of the ‘Big 4,’ KPMG offers its employees numerous career development opportunities. But you have to put some serious hours in if you work there, and does it ever pay overtime?

KPMG rarely pays its mid-level employees overtime, and being someone newly hired or working for years, don’t expect to receive any monetary bounty for working beyond your schedule. 

In this article, I’ll explore whether KPMG pays overtime; if not, then how they reward their employees. You will also learn about the following:

  • Usual Working Hours at KPMG
  • Alternative overtime pay benefits & rewards
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KPMG Usual Working Hours

According to employee reviews, the usual working hours in KPMG may vary from the traditional 8-hour mark.

  • Usual working hours at KPMG depend on client load and the job role.
  • During the busy season, expect to work at least 12 hours daily.
  • Saturdays are typically full work days during the busy season, and the company may also call you in on Sundays. 
  • In-charge/senior associates may work closer to 15 hours per day during the busy season.
  • The non-busy season still involves working more than 50 hours per week, especially for managerial roles.
  • Managers can suggest a 4/10s schedule to you as their subordinates during the summer, but it also leads to full work days on Fridays.
  • In addition to billable hours, expect non-billable time for travel, attending extracurricular events, etc.

Here’s a summarized table showcasing the typical working hours at KPMG:

Time PeriodWorking Hours
Busy SeasonMinimum of 12 hours per day; Saturdays and Sundays included
In-Charge/Senior Associates (Busy Season)Closer to 15 hours per day
Non-Busy SeasonMore than 50 hours per week; varies with managerial roles
Summer (under Managers)Possibility of a 4/10s schedule; full work days on Fridays
Additional FactorsNon-billable time for travel, extracurricular events, etc.

KPMG Compensation For Overtime

KPMG has different policies for paying employees overtime depending on their designation, experience level, and workflow.

1. KPMG Paying Overtime To An Apprentice/Internee

KPMG offers inexperienced employees a good starting point and learning opportunities, but they aren’t usually provided with overtime work and are not paid as well.

An apprentice working at KPMG contributed: “One thing I would note was that I was unaware of the ‘busy seasons’ impacting the accountancy industry before joining, and you can expect to work regular unpaid overtime to meet deadlines.” 

2. KPMG Paying Overtime To Mid-Level Employees

On rare occasions, KPMG may pay overtime to mid-level employees if they are asked to work extra for specific time-sensitive tasks. However, most of them reveal that they don’t get an additional payment in this regard.

You may get a discounted lunch or a few other benefits, but that is what most get out of the overtime work.

3. KPMG Paying Overtime To Senior Employees

KPMG does not pay overtime to its senior employees; instead, these additional working hours are compensated as paid leaves to be availed later.

A senior associate of KPMG at Glassdoor says: “No payment for overtime once you’ve reached Senior Associate; they replace overtime with paid leave credits which are often left unused and expire at the end of every year because we are just too busy.” 

KPMG office building in Chicago
The KPMG office building in Chicago

KPMG Other Benefits & Rewards Alternate To Overtime Pay

In addition to their regular salaries, KPMG staff members are also eligible for various financial incentives, including variable salary components, exceptional bonuses, and compensation for overtime hours worked.

Following are the financial benefits that KPMG offers to its employees as an alternative to overtime pay.

1. Allowance, Loans, & Reimbursements

KPMG makes up for unpaid overtime with their allowance, loans, and reimbursements, including:

  • Market-based competitive salary with pension schemes.
  • Performance-based bonus scheme.
  • Vehicle cash allowance for Managers and above designations.
  • Personal accident and life insurance (4 x salary, with spouse/partner coverage option).
  • Group Income Protection if you cannot work for long-term (Includes rehabilitation support).
  • Preferential banking access for a better experience.
  • While working in D and E grades in Audit, you are eligible for the Audit Advance scheme, which replaces the annual bonus to facilitate you in achieving a Managerial role. 
  • Rail and Oyster Card payment coverage.
  • Travel season ticket loan for non-managerial workers.
  • An optional tax-efficient charity scheme allows you to give donations and earn in the process.

2. Lifestyle Bonuses & Rewards

Lifestyle bonuses and rewards offered by KPMG to their employees are as follows:   

  • Annual 25 days leave with an option to buy up to 10 extra days.
  • Birthday leave.
  • Volunteering entitlement: 6 days per year.
  • Daily lunch allowance.
  • Flextra^ benefits scheme that includes a health cash plan, insurance (travel, critical illness, dental, personal accident), workplace ISA savings, and a cycle-to-work scheme.
  • Corporate cellphone.
  • Lifestyle discount plans.

3. Health & Fitness Plans

Numerous health and fitness plans are also included as an alternative to overtime pay.

  • Private medical insurance (Assistant managers and those with 5 years of service).
  • Health cash plan if you don’t have access to KPMG private medical insurance.
  • Access to GP appointments with an option to fill out an online health risk questionnaire.
  • Core health assessment for managers and above.
  • Menopause support plan.
  • BeWell counseling program.

4. Support For Apprentices & Internees

KPMG offers benefits to you as a graduate or apprentice to help you grow within the company.

  • Financial assistance for acquiring professional qualifications and accreditations related to your role in the company.
  • Study leave.
  • Student joiner loan with a limit cap. 
  • Bonus payments linked to your student loan when promoted to Manager level. 

Besides the above perks, KPMG gives you access to the Academy learning community that focuses on skill development.


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