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Huron Internship: How to Qualify, Apply, What to Expect & Is It Worth It?

Huron Consulting offers applicants an opportunity to embark upon a high-level internship. 

A Huron internship differs from most management consultancies in that the firm specialises in niche areas of management consulting, including life sciences, healthcare, and various technology sectors. According to Glassdoor, past interns at Huron Consulting regard this company as an ideal workplace.

Read on to learn more about landing an internship with Huron Consulting.

About the Huron Consulting Internship

Huron runs internships in each of its 25 global offices. Internship roles are offered specifically within the areas of Enterprise Solutions and Analytics (ES&A), Healthcare, Higher Education and Life Sciences. 

Huron only runs one internship programme, known as the Summer Internship Programme. Huron describes itself as client- and results-orientated, and as being in the process of developing an alternative work culture. 

How Long is a Huron Internship?

At Huron Consulting, internships are generally eight weeks long and held in (the United States) summer of each year.

What Will Be Expected of Me as a Huron Intern?

Huron expects its interns to stabilise the business operations of its clients, as well as contribute towards their growth. Areas such as healthcare, for example, require consulting interns to implement revenue enhancement and cost containment programmes. 

Ultimately, Huron looks for a sense of leadership among its interns, by creating and upgrading technology systems and improving patient outcomes. 

Huron interns work both in teams and independently. 

Huron places a lot of emphasis on its interns being able to build effective relationships and create client-driven solutions. Interns are given a lot of freedom to interact with clients and stakeholders in order to deliver great impact on a specific project. 

Interns also enjoy the guidance and feedback of their peers and seniors and are assigned a development mentor who assists them. 

Huron Interns are expected to conduct research and work closely with team members to support client project teams. Interns generally work directly with managers and directors in an open environment. 

Is a Huron Internship Worth It?

Interns at undergraduate and Master’s level can expect to earn a salary of up to $79,700 during their internship. Interns at MBA and PhD level can expect to earn a salary of up to $132,250. The higher the level of education, the more benefits candidates have by the time they are employed in a full-time consulting role with Huron. 

MBA and PhD level candidates in full-time employment can expect to receive a slightly higher salary. 

Overall, the average hourly wage rate for a bachelor’s degree intern ranges from $14,53 per hour to $22,00 per hour, earning interns 54% above the national average.

Huron has been recognised as a ‘Best Firm to Work For’ by Consulting Magazine for ten consecutive years. Starting off your career in management consulting with an internship at Huron is one of the best ways to guarantee getting your foot in the door.

Huron Consulting receives a lot of praise for the way it treats its employees, including interns. Interns describe Huron Consulting as having a strong management environment, with lots of growth opportunities, where there is an opportunity for interns to broadly experience consulting in various areas of consulting work.

The Huron internship is also a great way to start networking and collaborating early in the process which is sure to help you in the future.

When Do I Apply for a Huron Internship?

Huron hires students in their junior year of university or college for their Summer Internship programme. Any student who has completed at least the first year of their university studies qualifies to apply to the Huron internship. 

If you are interested in applying for the next round of internships, make sure that you check their website as dates may differ for different offices. Their website address is

Do I Qualify for a Huron Internship?

Huron exclusively hires applicants with university or college experience, who have completed at least the first year of their studies. The earliest stage at which an aspiring applicant can apply is from second year of a recognised undergraduate degree. 

On the upside, Huron does not require interns to have any previous work experience, making it the perfect start for many applicants. 

Strong academic performance in a degree of choice with a minimum GPA of at least 3.3 or a second-class pass is preferred. Interns are also required to have a high proficiency in Microsoft Office products. 

Applicants are considered from all areas of study, however, applicants with a graduate degree in MIS/CIS, Informatics, Operations Management, Computer Science, and/or Mathematics are considered first.

Other than a solid academic background, Huron looks for specific characteristics in applicants, namely:

  • passion for the work they do, 
  • emotional intelligence, 
  • adaptability to an ever-changing workforce, 
  • as well as strong analytical and communication skills. 

It is also important to have strong writing skills and to be a team player.

Intern consultants are required to be willing to travel should their case require travel. Interns should also be authorised to work in the area in which they are applying for an internship. 

I Applied for the Huron Internship – What’s Next?

Huron Consulting shortlists candidates and conducts interviews. However, Huron does not publish how many interviews there are, how many interns are actually recruited, or any other important details around the selection or interviewing process.

How Do I Apply for a Huron Internship?

Applicants need to have an updated resume/CV on hand, as well as their academic transcripts. 

Huron Consulting is actively involved in a career drive with universities around the United States to ensure that the best candidates are recruited for internships. Applications can be submitted online on their website, on recruitment portals at select times of the year, or via Career Services of the various universities.

What Can I Expect after Completing an Internship at Huron Consulting?

According to reviews on Glassdoor, the chances of being retained at Huron are fairly high. Interns then move from Intern status to Consultant status, with very few tiers other than Directors, Management, Consultants and Interns.


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