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6 Reasons Why BCG Is Prestigious

There is no denying BCG is actually one of the best consulting firms across the globe. But you might still be wondering why it’s so prestigious in the eyes of many! 

In my opinion, BCG is prestigious because it promotes a creative and innovative workplace. Employees are free to solve complex client problems your way. The firm is reputable in paying a hefty salary and taking care of you in the best possible manner.

In this post, I’ll reveal:

  • 6 reasons why BCG is prestigious.
  • What makes BCG stand out in front of other competitors? 
View of the Boston skyline lit up at night

1. Creative and Innovative Workplace 

If you’re a part of BCG, you really have the ability to think outside the box. You can come up with new ideas to solve the problems of your clients (with tons of freedom!)

It has recently started BCG Digital Ventures to help technology companies and new startups excel in their field. The firm is part of the exciting tech world right from its beginning. (Source)

BCG also provides consulting services using Artificial Intelligence (AI) through their AI @ Scale program. (Source)

So, when a company wants to do something amazing, they turn to BCG because they know this firm can make it happen. That’s why it has managed to attain the ‘prestigious’ status for so many years. 

2. An Academic Hub with Smart People 

At BCG, you’ll meet people with fancy degrees (like MBAs, post-grads, and even PhDs). They come from all sorts of fields, and BCG is like an institution for these super-smart people. 

It’s the second-largest and second-most respected consulting company in the world.

This means they have a lot of power to attract really bright minds. So, It makes this firm a very interesting and inclusive place to build your career. (Source)

A Junior Consultant working at BCG posted on Glassdoor: Working as a consultant at BCG has been an incredibly enriching experience. One of the standout aspects of being a part of this esteemed firm is the immense learning opportunity it offers. I was thrilled from day one to expand my skill set and knowledge base. The resources and training programs work like magic in shaping your career! And that’s what they did to me. Truly blessed to be a part of this firm. Love it.” (Source)

What’s great about this firm is that they encourage you to be a bit of a nerd. They like it when you’re curious (And want to learn about different things).

If you’re a high-performing worker, you can devote some of your time to research topics based on your preferred field. 

And you know what’s the best part? You might get a chance to join the BCG Henderson Institute. 

It’s an amazing place that brings together the sharpest minds from all over BCG. You work on figuring out where the world is headed and help clients do things in a better and innovative way. (Source)

This great environment filled with the smartest people on earth makes BCG a prestigious firm!

3. Great Pay and Added Perks

Working at BCG means you are paid really well (When I say really well, I mean it!) and enjoy exceptional benefits. Even though the salary here is a bit less than some other big consulting firms like McKinsey and Bain, it’s still A LOT!

As you move up the ladder, the pay gets even better. Seniors can make between $159,000 to $262,000 every year. 

Let’s have a look at the salaries of the workforce at BCG in the last year:

Junior Consultant$147,000
Senior Consultant$262,000


But it’s not just about the money! BCG also takes care of you when you’re traveling for work. They give you first-class flight tickets (if they’re available).

They cover other travel costs too (like taxis, trains, and even meals). (Source)

Also, you can use your personal credit card for work expenses, and BCG will pay you back. On the other hand, the firm (usually) gives an allowance of up to $500 or more when you’re out for work.

This money really helps you to cover extra expenditures on the way.

All of these incentives surely add to the reputation of BCG as a prestigious company. 

The Boston skyline at twilight, seen from over the harbor

4. Open Doors to Great Careers

When you work as a consultant at BCG, you’re setting yourself up for some amazing opportunities in the future.

You’ll often find ex-BCG consultants working in top positions at Fortune 500 companies. They are the decision-makers, and companies rely on them. (Source)

As a BCG consultant, you can go on to have awesome jobs in:

  • Corporate management
  • Finance and banking
  • Non-profit organizations and NGOs 
  • Public sector projects 
  • Startups

The fact that BCG opens doors to fantastic careers is actually a huge reason why this firm stands highly prestigious in the consulting sphere. 

5. Strong Alumni Support 

BCG takes really good care of its former employees (known as alumni). The firm knows that people are super important. That’s why it keeps everyone connected and happy and becomes prestigious in their eyes. 

Recently, BCG came up with a dedicated alumni portal. This is a website where former employees can stay in touch with current employees and share their valuable experiences. (Source)

But the best part is the events. BCG hosts a day called Worldwide Alumni Day. It’s a huge party where all the ex-BCG employees from different offices come together.

They get to hang out, chat, and have a good time. (It’s like a big family reunion!) (Source)

6. Focus on Social Responsibility

BCG really cares about making the world a better place. The firm takes every possible step to help society and protect the environment. 

It works on important projects that make a positive impact on the world because it’s not just about making money (It’s about making a difference).

The company helps charities, non-profit groups, and organizations that do good things for people and the planet. (Source)

BCG isn’t just talking the talk; they’re walking the walk. It has pledged to reach net zero climate impact by 2030. 

That’s why the firm is looking forward to:

  • Reducing the environmental footprint of their offices
  • Using less energy
  • Being more careful about waste
  • Making their business travel more eco-friendly 
  • Encouraging their employees to use greener ways of commuting

This is another reason why BCG stands tall and shows everybody why it’s prestigious!

Bottom Line!

In this article, I’ve unveiled 6 reasons why BCG is a prestigious firm in the consultation spectrum. 

Joining BCG means becoming part of a legacy of excellence and a network of brilliant minds dedicated to shaping a brighter future.


  • Martin Williams

    Martin Williams worked as a Lead Educational Consultant for Early Impact for 5 years. He has also worked as a journalist, and is the owner of several online publications.