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7 Reasons Why PwC Is Prestigious

There’s no question that PwC is a highly reputed Big 4 firm. Given its long history in the industry, you may find yourself curious about why it is extremely prestigious around the globe. 

If you ask me, PwC is prestigious because it offers a lot of flexibility to all of its employees and ensures they get a highly competitive salary with additional perks. 

PwC has offices all over the world and gives everyone a fair opportunity for success regardless of gender, race, or culture.

In this read, I’ll take you through the following topics:

  • 7 reasons why PwC is prestigious.
  • What makes PwC an important member of the Big 4 firms? 
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1. Unmatched Work Flexibility

At PwC, work flexibility is definitely a big deal. It’s not just something they talk about; they really make it happen for you! The firm understands that life can be a bit more complicated for many of its employees.  

Whether it’s taking care of family, volunteering, pursuing hobbies, or spending time with loved ones, PwC values your needs. 

Also, the firm goes the extra mile by offering flex days. When you work 40 hours a week, you can take a fifth day off in the same week. Interesting, Isn’t it? (Source

And you know what?

In 2021, PwC did something big. They let all their client service professionals work virtually from anywhere in the U.S. Even today, the firm’s management asks you how you want to work (Remotely or office-based)! (Source)

This unmatched work flexibility makes PwC extremely prestigious for aspiring young professionals. 

2. Gender Equality

PwC is all about making sure that everyone (Regardless of gender) gets the same opportunities and respect in the firm. And believe me, it’s really true, and that adds to their awesome reputation in the consulting sphere!

The firm holds a special place among the 10 IMPACT Champions for the United Nations’ HeForShe campaign. This is a major step in making the world more equal for women. (Source)

PwC believes in being open and honest about their efforts. It shares information about how many men and women work at their company to reflect in the UN Women’s HeForShe Parity Record. This clearly shows that it is serious about making things better.

The firm doesn’t stop here! It hosts special webcasts where women leaders share their stories and wisdom. 

PwC also made an online course called Building Gender IQ with HeForShe. (Source)

A female Consultant working at PwC wrote on Glassdoor: “In today’s world, where diversity and inclusivity matter more than ever, PwC stands out, and this is the thing I admire about this firm a lot! From my first day, I noticed a diverse workforce where gender didn’t define one’s role or opportunities. As a female working here, I felt like the world was under my feet.” 

3. Competitive Salary and Top-Notch Perks

At PwC, employees get a competitive salary, which means they pay you well for your hard work. That’s another reason that adds prestige to its already reputable status. 

Here’s a chart showing you the salaries of various positions at PwC in the last year:

Intern$59,000 – $83,000
Junior Associate$73,000 – $106,000
Junior Consultant $95,000 – $138,000 
Senior Associate$100,000 – $150,000
Senior Consultant$114,000 – $170,000
Consulting Manager$148,000 – $227,000
Partner$299,000 – $542,000 


But it’s not just about the paycheck. PwC offers a bunch of benefits to make your life better. These include:

  • Comprehensive health insurance coverage to keep you hale and hearty.
  • 15-20 days of paid time off, which gives you valuable time with family or for relaxation.
  • Retirement plans, like 401(k), for your bright future.
  • Opportunities for international assignments and travel for global experience.
  • Ongoing training programs to enhance your skills.
  • And many more!


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4. Student Loan Paydown

PwC knows that many of their employees have student loans. These are big debts for getting an education in this field. That’s why the firm has launched Student Loan Paydown (SLP). (Source)

If you’re an associate or senior associate at PwC, you can get $1,200 each year to pay down your student loans. It sends this money directly to the institutions you owe student loans to. (Source)

You can get this helpful benefit for up to six years or until you become a manager (Whichever happens first). Becoming a manager means you have a higher-level job, and you can spend on education (or other things) on your own. (Source)

By using this benefit, you can reduce the total amount you owe on your student loans by as much as $10,000. That’s like a big discount! Isn’t it? When all the loan is paid, it adds great value to the company from your perspective. 

5. Global Reach

PwC is a giant global family with offices in many countries. (150, to be exact). (Source)

These offices are filled with smart people. They know all about the rules and how business works in the countries they work. Some of the places where PwC has built offices are:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Peru
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • And many more. 

Potential clients see this huge global presence as a sign of trust and prestige. Most of them won’t hesitate to hire a firm with this much depth in geography and talent.

6. Sustainability Efforts

PwC wants the Earth to stay healthy for a long, long time. It helps its clients make products and promote services that are good for the environment. 

The firm is also a part of Climate Week 2023 (the largest annual climate event). Here, every participant talks about playing a part in flourishing the mother-earth by:

  • Recycling
  • Using less paper
  • Using public transportation or carpooling to work, and much more.


The excellent approach toward sustainability is an example for other companies and makes them so prestigious for them.  

7. Revenue and Job Openings 

Undoubtedly, PwC makes a lot of money. In fact, it’s the second-largest Big 4 firm in terms of revenue. Last year, the firm reported an earth-shattering revenue of $50 billion. It went up by 13.4%, which is definitely massive! (Source)

Another big thing that happened last year is that PwC’s team got bigger.

It hired more people and created 32,000 new jobs. The firm welcomed almost 328,000 people into their work family. 

Even before that, PwC has never slowed down on numbers. This alone is proof of why PwC is so prestigious for young talent who want to find a place where they can grow their career and earn better at the same time.  


  • Martin Williams

    Martin Williams worked as a Lead Educational Consultant for Early Impact for 5 years. He has also worked as a journalist, and is the owner of several online publications.