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KPMG Acceptance Rate – Revealed

Of course, it’s no surprise that KPMG’s recruitment process is highly selective! But what kind of acceptance rate should you expect?

I’ve been researching this in depth this week, and learned that the KPMG acceptance rate is around 4-8%. However, that depends on what service line you are going to apply for. The firm also offers full-time jobs to 90% of its interns after graduation. 

Below, I’ll reveal:

  • The KPMG acceptance rate stats
  • How these differ year to year, and any trends
  • Factors affecting these rates
  • How the acceptance rate of KPMG compares with that of other Big 4 companies
  • All the info you need to prepare for the hurdles ahead and to make an informed decision about your career choices
KPMG offices in Chicago

KPMG Acceptance Rate

KPMG is a professional service network firm. They operate in 147 countries and territories with over 266,000 employees. (Source)

The corporation is ranked among the Big 4 consulting firms. It is generally known for:

  • fostering innovation
  • delivering high-quality services.

As one of the world’s leading firms, it attracts a vast pool of talent. Let’s face it – the company is renowned for maintaining rigorous selection criteria during the recruitment process.

A recent Annual Report of KPMG shows that the firm receives over 225,000 applications yearly for entry-level positions, including internships and graduate programs, with an acceptance rate of just 4%.

In the United States alone, the company received about 50,000 applications. From these, 3,900 applicants got hired for internship roles. This suggests that only 8% of the candidates received an offer from KPMG. 

However, after completing the internship program successfully, 90% of the interns got the offer to join the firm as full-time employees and over 85% were accepted.  (Source)

The low acceptance rate reflects:

  • The commitment of KPMG to select exceptional professionals who possess strong academic backgrounds
  • And also their desire to recruit those that demonstrate the ability to excel in a challenging corporate environment during selection. 

Here’s the total number of employees at KPMG to give you an overview of how many professionals the firm has hired over the years:

YearTotal Employees


Corporate skyline in Calgary, Canada

Factors Affecting KPMG Acceptance Rate

Landing a job position at KPMG is no easy feat! There are several factors that can influence the acceptance rate at the firm: 

1. Number Of Applications Received

Every year, KPMG receives many applicants for each position. Competition is seriously fierce!

90% of these candidates get culled during the application screening process, which is outsourced to companies like:

So, it’s essential for professionals to correctly design their CVs and Cover Letters to stand out among other applicants. (Source)

2. The Company’s Hiring Needs

The acceptance rate at KPMG can fluctuate based on:

  • Its current business needs
  • Its strategic priorities.

In a nutshell – if a specific service line is experiencing an increased demand, the firm will tend to hire more candidates.

On the other side of things, if the company faces economic downturns or requires minimum staff, the acceptance rate will decrease and become more selective. 

3. The Qualifications Of The Applicants

KPMG faces a high emphasis on the qualification of the applicants and requires them to have at least a 3.0 CGPA in their relevant field of study. (Source)

So be aware! It’s a must for any applicant who wants to get accepted to have an excellent academic record, relevant degrees, and certifications aligning with the position they are applying for. 

4. Experience Of The Applicants

The experience of the applicants also affects the KPMG acceptance rate because the firm prefers professionals who have expertise in their respective fields. 

For entry-level positions, the firm looks for professionals with relevant work experience or internships. While for higher job posts, it emphasizes a proven success track record. 

As one KPMG internship graduate said, “The interview process mainly focused on my previous work experiences and questions around “tell us about a time,” the assessment day involved a group activity with a case.” (Source)

5. Technical Skills 

Beyond academic qualifications and experience, KPMG also seeks professionals with diverse skill sets. This includes:

  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Analytical thinking
  • Strong financial analysis skills for evaluating businesses performance, budget, projects, and other transactions 
  • Financial modeling abilities for creating a summary of expenses and earnings of the client’s company. 
  • Familiarity with the software and tools in the relevant service line.  (Source)

If the recruiting team gets more deserving candidates who possess these skills, KPMG might hire more, increasing its acceptance rate. 

6. Interview Performance

The interview process at KPMG is comprehensive and competitive, involving three rounds and an online assessment. (Source)

When you apply, the recruitment team will call you for a phone interview to assess your fit for the company and the job role. After that, the firm will ask you to complete an online test which includes aptitude and psychometric tests.

If you pass the assessment stage, the firm will select you for a more in-depth three rounds of in-person interviews with the HR representatives, hiring managers, and senior executives. 

This highly competitive stage determines how many candidates the firm will hire for the position. Therefore, make sure to prepare yourself thoroughly for it to increase your chances of getting accepted for the job post you’ve applied. 

7. Fit With The Company Culture

KPMG values cultural fit and alignment with its core values like other reputable organizations. 

Candidates who show the ability to blend with the corporate environment while discussing their work preferences during the interview will more likely impress the HR representatives, resulting in a higher acceptance rate. 

So, spend some time researching for the corporate culture in the company and prepare yourself to discuss how you align with it. (Source)

KPMG Acceptance Rate Comparison With Other Big Four Firms

The Big 4 accounting firms KPMG, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and Ernst & Young (EY) are known for rigorous and selective recruitment while hiring new professionals. 

When compared with the other Big 4 corporations, it becomes evident that securing a position at KPMG is relatively easy, which makes it a more desirable firm for starting a career in the accounting and consulting industry.

Here’s the comparison of KPMG’s acceptance rate with other Big Four firms:

CompanyAcceptance Rate
Deloitte3.7% to 4%
PwC4% to 5%
KPMG4% to 8%

Summing Up! 

So, in a nutshell, the acceptance rate of KPMG is roughly 8%. However, things may swing more in your favor or against you, depending on:

  • Number of applications received for a job post
  • The hiring needs of KPMG 
  • Qualification of the applicants and their overall academic performance
  • Experience level of the candidates for the job post
  • Technical skills in the relevant field
  • Performance during the three rounds of interview
  • Fit with the culture of the company and its core values.

If you’re really interested in applying to KPMG, I found the following Youtube video all about their Graduate program really useful:


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