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Consulting Presentation Skills Course (Best in 2023)

In this article, we take a look at 2021’s leading course for consulting presentation skills.

Heinrich Rusche’s “Business Presentation Skills” is a superb product for anyone looking to learn the skills required to be a consultant at a leading firm. Alternatively, it also provides expert insights for those who are looking to enhance their general business presenting acumen.

Heinrich was a McKinsey consultant for 6 years, where he personally built 1000s of PowerPoint slides. He has an MBA from Insead and an Msc in Accounting and Finance from LSE.

His online course is gold dust for both those familiar with PowerPoint and for new comers. It teaches consulting fundamentals while injecting all the presentational tips and tricks of the top firms.

At assessment centres for almost all business, strategy or financially oriented firms, there is usually a presentational aspect. This course is perfect for quickly assembling a presentation, PowerPoint or not, and delivering powerfully to your assessors.

1. Structure

The most impressive part of this course is its illumination of how to structure an outstanding PowerPoint. Heinrich adapts his approach for different types of presentations and projects to enhance communication in different contexts. For example, he explains nuanced differences between presenting to a large audience and presenting to your boss.

He also moves dextrously between content that is industry or company specific and content which is applicable to the whole range of presentations. It is important to remember that consultants present everyday and this course isn’t simply for client-facing meetings. It is also applies to internal reports, memos and projects all of which are often developed in PowerPoint.

Presentational structure is primarily created via “storylines”, which Heinrich highlights effectively. The most important of these is horizontal logic, which links slides into one journey. Any consultant would assert that this is difficult to pull off effectively. Heinrich offers regimented guidelines for inserting these into any presentation.

The second sort of storyline is vertical logic. This applies to content within each slide. Vertical logic is the process by which topic headings and data points link directly to the overall notion of the presentation.

These concepts sound intuitive. In a way they are. Anyone making a presentation can probably do a decent job at establishing a coherent and cogent structure. However, to be good enough to attain and succeed in a job at a top consultancy requires exceptional natural ability or a level of logic developed carefully by courses such as this.

2. Consulting Essentials

One of Heinrich’s most compelling modules in the course is his coverage of MECE. MECE is one of the most crucial intellectual tools for consultants. Heinrich more than does it justice. By taking course-takers through the theory of it and the practical application, he grants the ability both to use it and explain it at an assessment centre or beyond!

Another consulting essential which holds pride of place in Heinrich’s course is data. Data, charts and numbers constitute the day to day of consulting, particularly at more junior levels. When applying to a consulting firm, you are likely to be assessed on your reaction to and presentation of data, both online and in person.

Heinrich’s course teaches you how to deal with this data. It teaches you how to order and explain it and eventually compile it into charts and graphs in PowerPoint.

3. Stories

Finally, Heinrich’s course offers clear and easy-to-follow ways of telling stories using PowerPoint. He assembles all the typically “good” parts of a story and converts these into carefully segmented slides.

This is where Heinrich’s course offers priceless templates. These are invaluable for people looking for ideas about arranging a PowerPoint in new and innovative ways. These are adaptable to lots of different ways of working and provide incredibly use ways of structuring information. When starting out, you may know how you want your slide to look, but you are unable to execute on your plans. These templates will cut-out this concern.

Here’s the best part:

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  • Will Bennett

    Will Bennett is a Cambridge graduate. He worked as a Consultant and Senior Consultant at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in London. Will is the Founder of The Cambridge Consultant.