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Deloitte’s Surprising Acceptance Rate – Stats Revealed

If you’re applying to join Deloitte, then you really need to get your head around their acceptance rate first, because let’s face it…it’s a challenging process.

Deloitte is highly competitive and has made it harder for individuals to get in than Harvard. The job acceptance rate of the firm is around 3.7% to 4% on average. For the Summer Vacations internship, 60% of undergraduates are hired for graduate roles. 

Below, I’ll reveal:

  • The stats of the Deloitte acceptance rate
  • How it differs for different roles
  • Their hiring process
  • The summer internship hiring rate at Deloitte, and how much you can earn (based on your role)
The Deloitte building at twilight in downtown Los Angeles
The Deloitte building (left) in downtown Los Angeles

Deloitte Acceptance Rate 

The recruitment process at Deloitte clearly shows the firm is highly selective when hiring recruits for job openings. Currently, the acceptance rate at Deloitte is around 3.7 to 4% (though this does depend on the various job positions). (Source)

One study shows that landing a job at Deloitte is more competitive than getting admission at Harvard! OMG!

In fact, Deloitte Global Chief Executive, Punit Renjen, made a secret five-point plan in 2015 to make the firm even more exclusive in hiring new professionals.

What’s in the plan? Well, we don’t know. It’s a secret!

Punit Renjin said to “The Australian Financial Review,” “Less than 2 percent of applicants get into Deloitte. We hired 62,000 people last year, out of 3.5 million resumes we received.”


Things have improved a little though!

The Deloitte acceptance rate increased to 2.7 % in 2017 as the consulting company hired around 7,2000 job candidates from 3 million applicants. (Source) (I know this is still quite a few years ago).

While drawing a direct comparison to Harvard may be somewhat clumsy, it is pretty clear to me that Deloitte maintains a reasonably low acceptance rate.

This really does contribute to its prestigious reputation.

But how does it compare to the other Big 4?

Although Deloitte’s acceptance rate is not as exclusive as Ernst & Young, it is slightly more competitive than the other Big 4 consulting firms.

The company’s stringent selection process:

  • Ensures that it attracts and hires top-notch talent from diverse ethnicities
  • Cements its position as a leading player in the industry

Deloitte Summer Internship Acceptance Rate

Warning – The acceptance rate for the Deloitte summer internship is not explicitly available.

However, through thorough research, (and knowing the right people) I’ve found that Deloitte hires more than 60% of its undergraduate interns for graduate roles. (Source)

The consultancy firm gets over 16,000 applications for work experience and internship programs from high school and university students annually.

Among these applicants, only 350 undergraduates are selected for the Summer Vacation internship.

Roles and Salary At Deloitte

Let’s talk cash for a moment.

Since the acceptance rate at Deloitte might differ based on the service line or role you have applied for at the firm and the regions, here are some of the positions and their expected salaries that you might be interested in:

Role Gross Salary Per year
Senior Consultant$123,723 
Senior Manager$197,814 
Front End Developer$121 
Delivery Manager$140,195 
Audit Associate$67,855 
Senior Auditor$86,868 
Tax Consultant$72,026 
Delivery Analyst$79,761 
Delivery Consultant$85,953 
IT Security Specialist$87,968 
Business Systems Analyst$74,075 
Senior Analyst$102,604 
Technology Analyst$79,838 
Business Analyst$84,460 
Senior Data Scientist$88,809 
Lead Data Scientist$81,682 
Associate Analyst$59,896 
Data Scientist$115,161 


Deloitte Recruitment Process

When you apply to Deloitte, you have to go through a five-step recruitment process and can get rejected on any of these stages. (It’s brutal stuff!)

These recruitment stages are crucial in determining the Deloitte acceptance rate and your chances of getting a job there. (Source)

1. Initial Screening 

After submitting your application to Deloitte, the Talent Acquisition Specialist team will review and assess it based on your experience and skills for the job opening. 

If they find your resume/application meets Deloitte key selection criteria, the team will contact you within 2 weeks. 

Corporate office skyscrapers seen from ground level

2. Interview Process

The next stage is the interview process. This includes technical and HR questions, and involves three stages:

  • Talent Acquisition Specialists Interview: First, a telephone screening or face-to-face initial interview is conducted with the Talent Acquisition team. It’s not just about them – you can also ask questions about the firm and your job role. 
  • Panel or Case Study Interview: The initial interview is followed by a face-to-face technical case study or panel interview with the service line team. They will ask about your technical expertise in the area service line. 
  • Partner/Director Interview: If you pass the panel interview, you’ll finally meet with the Director or Partner from the service line team. They will (normally) focus on discussing your motivations and technical experience for the job.

3. Testing and Assessment

Depending on your service line, you might have to complete a skill-based or psychometric test within the 2 weeks after the interview.

To be brutally honest, this usually sifts out most job candidates. The test is either conducted online or face-to-face as required. 

4. Background Checks and Offer

If selected during the interview and assessment stage, Deloitte will perform pre-employment checks on your qualification and employment references through MIE.

These checks are essential for Deloitte to:

  • Maintain its commitment to excellence
  • Uphold its reputation as a trustworthy and reliable consulting firm

Once the firm is fully satisfied with your background, the Talent Acquisition representative will make a verbal offer to you.

This will be followed by a written contract for the job to solidify the terms and conditions of employment. 

5. Onboarding

Onboarding is a smooth process; Deloitte will give you access to online onboarding tools and assign you a member of the HR team for your projects and other job-related tasks. 

Summing Up

According to the stats I revealed, the Deloitte acceptance rate clearly shows you have to be on top of your game to get a shot at working in the company. 

I’ve managed to shed light on the competitiveness of the company’s recruitment process, which involves:

  • Initial screening of the applications.
  • Three-stage interview process.
  • Skill-based or psychometric tests for assessment.
  • Qualification, employment reference, and background checks through MIE.
  • Onboarding for integration into Deloitte. 

With these insights, I hope you now have a better understanding of your chances at Deloitte and can tailor your preparation strategy accordingly. 


  • Will Bennett

    Will Bennett is a Cambridge graduate. He worked as a Consultant and Senior Consultant at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in London. Will is the Founder of The Cambridge Consultant.