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7 Compelling Reasons Why Working At The Big 4 Is Worth It

The Big 4 are synonymous with excellence. But there are other reasons that make working at these firms truly worth it beyond their reputation.

I’ve been in the consulting world for the best part of a decade, and I’ve found that working at the Big 4 is worth it due to a diverse work culture where every individual gets the chance to grow. You get comprehensive training and development programs that really make an impact.

Some other reasons why working at the Big 4 is worth it are:

  • Exposure to prestigious clients from across the globe
  • Chances to acquire leadership qualities
  • Better pay and benefits for the whole crew in respective roles
  • Network-building opportunities for the employees
  • Quick career progression and better exit opportunities 

In this read, I’ll shed light on:

  • The key seven reasons why working at any of the Big 4 firms is worth it
  • How it can pave the path for an enriching and fulfilling career
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7 Reasons Why Working At The ‘Big 4’ Is Really Worth It

While working at Big 4 can be a challenging career choice, I’ve listed below 7 reasons that make these firms the right place to apply for a job. 

1. Diverse and Inclusive Work Culture

The Big 4 fosters a diverse and inclusive work culture and recruits people from various ethnic backgrounds and expertise. 

Due to the Big 4 diversity and inclusion program, you’ll get a rich learning experience and a chance to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry, which makes it worth your time and effort.

PwC, for instance, states on its website that they work hard to give every person an equal chance to grow and establishes a culture of belonging. (Source)

EY commits to advancing social equity and inclusive growth and providing its employees with equal opportunities and resources they need to grow. The firm also has strict policies against bias, racism, injustice, and discrimination. (Source)

Deloitte took additional measures.

The firm launched women empowerment programs in more than 50 countries with many work-life balance programs and has established its own Communities for LGBT+, fathers, and minorities.  (Source)

KPMG, like other Big 4, nurture a working environment where everyone in their roles can grow and reach their full potential, irrespective of ethnicity or identity.

Here’s the table showing the percentages of employees at KPMG from diverse backgrounds:

Ethnic minority20%
Sexual orientation6%
Black Heritage5%
Lower Socio-Economic background29%


2. Comprehensive Training and Development Programs

Another reason for working at the Big 4 firms is they offer comprehensive training and professional development programs, which help employees expand their skillsets and expertise. (Source)

Working at Big 4 also paves the way for invaluable opportunities for you to learn from the top talents in the respective service line and shape your career with their expertise. 

Another significant benefit is the chance to hone your technical skills in your desired field. This sets you apart and makes you a highly sought-after candidate by other companies.

According to an employee about working at Deloitte, “Great place to start out of school. Excellent learning and growth opportunies. Followership and mentorship are emphasized. Collegial and helpful team members. Exposure to tons of different business models. Brand recognition and good rewards.”

3. Exposure to Prestigious Clients

You may consider working at Big 4 firms because they expose you to their prestigious clients, including the Fortune 500 and other notable companies.

Involvement with these top-notch clients in different projects instills confidence and enhances your skill set. (Source)

Apart from that, you’ll gain valuable insights into various industries, which help you transition smoothly to the client side or other business opportunities in the future and identify your ideal career path.

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4. Leadership Experience

Big 4 firms give you the opportunity to test your leadership qualities at the very early stage of your career.

You will start leading a team of 4 – 5 people, manage their workload, guide them at each step, and report their progress to the upper management. (Source)

This allows you to gain confidence early on and improve your professional profile in the long run.

5. Better Pay and Benefits 

Better pay and attractive benefits are significant reasons which make the Big 4 a compelling career choice for ambitious professionals. 

Deloitte, PwC, EY, and KPMG are renowned for offering competitive compensation packages, including salaries and additional perks. (Source)

Depending on which firm you are working at among the Big 4, you may be entitled to:

  • Up to 25 vacation days per year
  • Season tickets to local sporting events
  • 401k match salary
  • Travel points
  • Generous parental leaves
  • Gym reimbursements

6. Network Building

Starting a career at Big 4 presents an unparallel opportunity for you to interact with a diverse range of top professionals, including:

  • CFOs and VPs
  • Managers
  • Enagament partners 
  • High-profile clients

These individuals are usually on track to achieve a significant milestone or have already completed one. (Source)

Therefore, building contacts with such figures allows you to create an influential professional network crucial for continuous progress in your career. 

7. Career Progression and Better Exit Opportunities

I’ve also learned that Deloitte, PwC, KPMG, and EY offer career progression and better exit opportunities to their employees which makes it worth working at these firms. 

After affiliating with Big 4 firms, you’ll get promotions to higher posts every year. After some time, other companies or clients will start offering you better job positions with a substantially higher salary. 


Since Big 4 has established itself in several countries, you may also get the chance for international rotations that establishes credibility and showcases your hard work and intelligence on your resume. 

All in all, working at the Big 4 firms is worth it if you want to progress your career in a diverse and inclusive environment where you can progress with top talents, gain leadership experience, and handle projects from prestigious clients.


  • Will Bennett

    Will Bennett is a Cambridge graduate. He worked as a Consultant and Senior Consultant at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in London. Will is the Founder of The Cambridge Consultant.