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Does Bain Pay Overtime – Revealed

While working for any company, It’s always great to be paid for your time and effort, including overtime. But does Bain do the same and pay overtime to its employees?

After spending a lot of time on research, I’ve learned that Bain does not pay overtime. This is because its professionals are categorized as exempt employees under the FLSA. However, this policy might differ based on the laws of the country in which Bain & Company operates.

I’ve also found that Bain pays a competitive salary and offers several other benefits to its employees, which cover most of the overtime work.

In this read today, I’ll reveal:

  • Does Bain pay overtime?
  • Why the company does not have an overtime pay policy in place? 
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Does Bain Pay Overtime?

Bain & Company (A leading top management consulting firm) was founded in 1973. It has over 13,000 employees working in 65 offices in 40 different countries. The firm offers advisory services to its clientele based on:

  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Information Technology
  • Strategy
  • M&A

With years of hard work and dedication, Bain is now a big gun in the management consulting niche. And its list of growing clientele attests to this fact. Some of its big clients are:

  • Dun & Bradstreet
  • Wells Fargo
  • Iowa Beef
  • Burlington Industries
  • Baxter International 


Due to Bain’s status, it’s obvious that the consultant has to work hard to meet the needs of its clients. That might be the reason they might end up working overtime. 

But does Bain pay overtime to its employees? A burning question, but let me state the facts here. 

Well, I discovered that even if you work beyond the assigned hours (60-70 hours per week), Bain won’t pay you for it. (Source)

But why does Bain do that? 

Below, I’ll reveal 6 reasons for the “No Overtime Pay” policy of Bain:

1. Better Compensation and Benefits

Like other MBB firms, Bain is well known for offering competitive compensation packages. In fact, its salaries are often above the industry standards!

On average, the company pays about $38,672/year to Receptionist and around $502K to its Partners.  

I’ve listed down the average salary for some of the positions at Bain & Company:

Manager Assistant$38K-$59K
Executive Assistant$55K-$84K
Associate Consultant$108K-$174K
Senior Associate Consultant$118K-$175K
Senior Manager$187K-$308K
Associate Partner$229K-$400K
Senior Consultant$194K-$313K
Senior Associate$131K-$210K
Business Analyst$94K-$146K


There’s more! Besides better salaries, the firm provides various benefits to its employees. These include:

  • Mental, behavioral, and emotional health resources
  • Apps, counseling, and assistance for wellbeing
  • Financial security in the form of life, accident, critical illness (in some offices), travel and disability insurance
  • Tax efficient programs
  • Paid holidays, personal sick times, parental leaves (21 weeks), and vacations. 
  • Accommodation and transport
  • Training, tuition, and lifecycle career support


In this way, Bain creates a work environment where you are generously compensated without the need for overtime pay. 

2. Exempt Employees Category

Some positions at Bain are classified as exempt employees as per FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act). This is mainly the case if you work as: 

  • Professional consultant
  • Executive
  • Administrator
  • Tech specialist 


Being an exempt employee means you are legally not entitled to overtime for working more than standard work hours in a workweek. 

So, if you are a Bainie, you won’t get the additional time-and-a-half pay for your extra work hours!

Boston Harbor - the headquarters of Bain

3. Country Tax and Law 

Another key reason why Bain may not pay you overtime is the influence of the country’s tax and legal regulations. (Source)

Some countries may have local laws that require employers to pay overtime regardless of the employee’s position. Meanwhile, others may not have such requirements. 

Since Bain has offices in several countries, it is likely to stick to the local labor law when it comes to overtime compensation. 

4. Work From Home Opportunities 

Bain places a strong emphasis on flexible work arrangements! 

For this purpose, the firm provides you with work-from-home opportunities. This allows you to work either in the office or remotely, depending on: 

  • Personal growth
  • Team’s needs
  • Client requirements


The focus on a flexible hybrid work culture at Bain reduces the need for overtime pay. This is because this arrangement allows you to have the freedom to balance work and life effectively. 

Here’s what an employee has to say about the work-from-home opportunities at Bain, “Learn a lot, great people, lots of benefits. For example, they care about your professional development, insurance is free, food in the office sometimes, work from home flexibility.”


5. Output Oriented Tasks 

At Bain, the focus is primarily on the results delivered rather than the number of hours spent on a project. This means the firm stresses on getting the job done effectively. 

I think it’s just easier to track the outcomes for them rather than the hours! It reflects the true value its employees can bring to the company. 

According to a Former Consulting Partner, “Professional employees of management consulting firms are expected to work until the job is done, regardless of how long it takes. In return, professional employees are typically not asked to account for every hour, like taking 2 hours during the work week to go the doctor.” (Source)

6. Retirement Plans and Bonuses

Last but not least, Bain offers retirement plans to help you save for your future. The firm has got you a 401(k) Savings Plan! You can put away up to 25% of your pay before taxes in it.

Not only that, but Bain also puts in some money for each employee. The amount starts at 4.5% of your pay. However, this is based on how long you’ve been working at the company. (Source)

But that’s not all! When you work at Bain as an MBA, you receive a performance bonus as high as $63,000. It also includes a sweet signing bonus of $30,000. 

For those with a Master’s degree, the bonuses are up to $22,500, with a signing bonus of $5,000. (Source)

So, Bain makes up for the overtime compensations with perks like retirement plans and bonuses!


  • Martin Williams

    Martin Williams worked as a Lead Educational Consultant for Early Impact for 5 years. He has also worked as a journalist, and is the owner of several online publications.