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Does BCG Pay Overtime? Revealed 

BCG, among McKinsey and Bain, is no doubt a top management consulting firm. But, you may wonder if a company this big pays its employees for overtime work.

In my research, all of the employees who work under big firms like BCG and every member, including their consultant, are usually exempt from overtime pay. Although they are compensated in many other ways, they do not receive any extra pay for exceeding their working hours. 

In this read, I’ll discuss:

  • Does BCG pay overtime?
  • Why BCG does not pay overtime?
  • How are its employees compensated?
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BCG Overtime Pay

If you want to fully understand whether BCG pays overtime, you need to become aware of the complete framework of how the company works. 

Based on factors like the office location, client and project engagement, and the most important one of all, which is the consultant’s position and role, mostly determine the work hours.

It is not uncommon for BCG consultants to work beyond 40 hours/week due to the nature of their jobs. During busy days or when the deadlines are approaching, they often have to work long hours. 

Most of them have to travel to client sites (Which requires adaptability and flexibility) for their needs.

So, does BCG pay overtime?

Well, under FLSA, BCG employees who work 40 hours a week are not entitled to overtime pay (If they meet certain criteria). This means a base salary that meets a certain amount that exempts them from this rule. (Source)

An employee working at BCG replied to the overtime pay comment on Quora and said: Frankly, I find the concept of overtime practically impossible in management consulting, as it would be very difficult to track the overtime. While the normal working hours are 40 hours per week, consultants work on an average of 60–70 hours per week. If overtime has to be enforced, the salary would have to be reduced and then the extra hours would be compensated separately, which would finally lead to the same compensation. (Source)

BCG Benefits and Salaries

BCG employees get competitive salaries and many benefits, which clearly shows why they still stick with the company regardless of not being paid for overtime. 

Let me discuss them below:

1. Competitive Base Salaries

BCG is known for offering its employees with competitive base salaries. These high-paying amounts capture top-tier talent’s interests and acknowledge them for their expertise and many contributions to the company. (Source)

Usually, the qualifications, roles, and experience of the consultants and the area they live in determine the figures for the compensation, and that:

  • Provides them with financial stability
  • Enhance their motivation & productivity
  • Urges them to remain competitive and bring in high-value clients 

1. Performance Based Bonuses

All of the BCG bonuses and raises are based on how an individual is performing within the company. The levels evaluate the numbers, and the structure is typically like the following:

  • High Performing – To be promoted
  • Performing as expected – Continue growing
  • Under Performing – Improvement Needed
  • Repeated Underperformance – To be terminated 

Here’s a chart showing you the average bonuses for employees according to their fixed salaries:

Analyst / Associate Level10%
Senior Associate / Junior Consultant 17 – 22% 
Consultant25 – 30% 
Project Leader 40% 
Partner70% – 200%


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3. Employee Workload and Compensation

Most of us understand that the consulting industry is well known for its extensive work hours. So, to meet deadlines, BCG employees have to commit to longer work hours (specifically during important projects). 

While they work for these long hours, the company provides them with other means of compensation benefits, such as: 

  • Profit participation and sharing 
  • Variable compensation
  • Career advancement and development 

Some roles in BCG, like senior leaders and partners, may benefit from compensation like equity or holding of partnership stakes. (Source)

The company also does regular assessments for its consultants to get to know which ones deserve these opportunities. 

In a few cases, some of the BCG consultants may have opportunities to be involved in profit participation programs. These programs allow them to take part in the financial success of the firm and themselves. 

BCG also invests in its workforce by setting up programs for training, mentorship, and growth within the company. 

The table below shows the significant compensation of BCG’s employees last year (Base, bonus, others).

BCG LevelYearly Compensation
Junior $147k


4. Benefits and Perks

Although there is no payment for overtime, BCG employees get and enjoy a wide range of perks and additional benefits. These cover:

  • Health Insurance
  • Paid travel expenses
  • Retirement plans 
  • Paid leaves (Maternity included)
  • Educational benefits
  • Physical and mental wellbeing programs
  • Hybrid work mode (Remote and in-house)


BCG has an amazing healthcare program that includes dental, medical, and vision insurance (Linked to flexible spending health accounts). I found that the company’s insurance program covers life and disability. 

The company’s retirement savings plans include 401(k) or similar options to help the consultants plan and save for their future. Up to 6% of the consultant’s base salary goes to the 401k savings plan. 

One of the most compelling perks of BCG is that employees can get up to four months of maternity leave. Not only that, they get to enjoy 2-3 weeks of paid vacations as per the leave policies of the firm. 

The firm provides up to a 500k allowance if the employee is out of town or traveling for sites. Another interesting fact! BCG consultants can get ahold of a global online catalog of training modules for:

  • Personal growth
  • Tuition fee reimbursement
  • Access to wellness centers, gyms, and on-site fitness centers. 

Final Thoughts!

It is important to note that BCG does not pay their employees for overtime. 

But as per my understanding, the company offers them a competitive base salary, performance-based bonuses, and other means of compensation based on workload, along with various benefits. This allows them to grow and strive even when they are required to put in longer hours. 


  • Martin Williams

    Martin Williams worked as a Lead Educational Consultant for Early Impact for 5 years. He has also worked as a journalist, and is the owner of several online publications.