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How many Partners does EY Have? Stats + Full Breakdown

Partners play an important role in the operations of EY. They contribute their expertise and leadership to drive the success of the firm. But if you want to climb the ladder, knowing the number of partners EY can help you determine your chances of getting this role. 

I’ve learned that EY has a total of 13581 partners globally. Among these, women represent 30% of the total in the US and 34% in the UK. I observed that the EY partner base in the US is more than any other country, accounting for over 3,691. 

I also managed to find stats for other countries, including: 

  • The UK 
  • India
  • Japan and China
  • Australia and Canada 

In this read, I’ll explain how many partners does EY have. I’ll break down the stats based on country, service line, gender, and race. 

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Total Number of EY Partners

The partners especially play a crucial role in the prestige and recognition of EY. They bring a lot of expertise, knowledge, and experience to the table. 

For this reason, the firm has a huge network of partners worldwide. The exact number can change from year to year due to: 

  • Promotions
  • Retirements
  • Firing
  • Resignations

This year, EY has over 13581 partners. They are strategically distributed at its different offices around the world.

This number serves as proof of the company’s commitment to focus on helping individuals grow professionally at a global scale. (Source)

To give you more details, I’ll reveal the stats for the number of EY partners based on country, gender, race, and respective service line. So, let’s proceed further!

EY Partners By Country

The number of EY partners in different countries highlights its global reach. It also shows its ability to provide high-quality professional services to clients around the world. 

Here’s the breakdown of the total number of EY partners in some major countries.

United States

In the US, EY stands as a strong consulting firm with the highest number of partner presence.

At its 131 offices across the states, the company has over 3,691 partners.

This partner base reflects its consulting foothold in the country. 

United Kingdom

EY also makes huge investments in prompting top talent to partner roles in the UK!

The firm has more than 1,683 partners.

They help the company get new clients and maintain existing relationships. (Source)


In the Asian subcontinent, India has also witnessed an impressive increase in the EY partners count. Here, almost 675 partners are serving clients in a wide range of sectors. 

Japan and China

EY Japan and China also have a huge partner base. The firm has over 760 partners in Japan and 700 partners in China. 

Australia and Canada

Australia is also an important market for EY! In this region, more than 674 partners contribute to the reputation of the firm.

In Canada, EY has 444 partners. 

Let’s have a look at the number of EY Partners in some other countries in the table below: 

CountryNumber of Partners
South Korea182
South Africa167
Saudi Arabia66
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EY Partners By Service Line

Recently, EY promoted around 966 people to partner in different service lines. The table below will give you an overview:

Service LineNumber and Percentage of Promoted Partners
Assurance304 (31%)
Tax268 (28%)
Consulting262 (27%)
Strategy and Transactions111 (11%)
Business Support21 (2%)

Here’s what Carmine Di Sibio, EY Global Chairman and CEO, said about this, “As we prepare EY to continue to thrive this year and beyond, I am delighted to congratulate our new class of EY partners on this impressive milestone as we celebrate the career progression of our new partner promotes. They are fantastic stewards of the EY brand, and their promotions are the result of their continuous commitment to the EY purpose of building a better working world.” (Source)

In the UK, the firm appointed 112 or 42% of new Equity partners in different service lines, and around 62 of them were based outside of London. 

EY Partners By Gender

It is equally important to analyze the gender distribution among EY partners. This will help you understand its dedication to diversity and inclusion within the leadership ranks. 

In the US, the male presence in partnership roles at EY has been prominent historically. It hovered above 72%. However, recent years have witnessed a noticeable shift. 

Last year, the women partner base in EY increased to 30% in the US region. (Source)

I found a more encouraging trend in the EY UK! As of most recent data, the firm has 33% of female partners in the country. To add to the mix, women made a huge stride in the new promotions (they represented 34% of new partners!)

This data indicates a positive shift in representing women in the leadership roles at EY!

EY Partners By Race

In the past, EY US had a significant majority of white ethnicity (no less than 79%!) in the partner position. However, the firm has made efforts to increase the racial diversity.

Last year, Asians were the second most represented racial group in the EY partners and principals roles. They made up 12% of these positions. (Source)

Other than that, I identify 2% as Black, 4% as Latinx, and 1% as two or more races or ethnicities. 

Shifting the focus to the UK! Recent data on promotions in EY shows an encouraging trend in racial diversity. This year, 28% of the promoted partners are from ethnic minority heritage, and 7% are Black or Mixed Black. (Source)

EY’s efforts to increase the representation of partners from different racial backgrounds are highly commendable. They reflect its trend toward developing an inclusive workplace. 

As Trent Henry, EY Global Vice Chair, Talent, said, “It’s an honor to introduce this new member firm partner class, with an impressive diversity of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. These dedicated individuals will be instrumental in helping us shape the future of the organization, and truly illustrate that EY is a place where people can explore flexible, diverse career paths as they gain the skills and experiences they need to achieve their unique career ambitions.” (Source)

In this article, I’ve revealed the stats for the total number of partners in EY. Hopefully, you know by now that getting a partner role at the firm is achievable. But dedication and hard work is always the key metric! 


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