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How Many Partners Does Deloitte Have? Stats + Full Breakdown

Deloitte’s success lies in its extensive partnership network. They show its influence, reach, and impact worldwide. And that might be why you want to know how many are active partners in this firm.

Through my extensive research, I’ve learned that Deloitte has over 28,000 partners to date. Among these figures, almost 25% are female, and 6% are from different ethnic backgrounds. 

I’ve also found the stats for these countries:

  • US
  • UK
  • Malaysia 
  • Australia 
  • India
  • Canada and a few others

In this comprehensive article, I’ll discuss how many partners does Deloitte have on the basis of country, gender, race, and age. 

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Total Number Of Deloitte Partners

Back in 2015 and 2016, Deloitte had 10,601 and 11,122 partners/principals, respectively. Later, the number increased to 12,250 partners in 2018 (they just kept expanding!).

Fast forward to 2019 and 2020, Deloitte’s partner count exceeded to 13,411 and 14,266. (Source)

But here’s the real kicker!

Deloitte has now increased the number of its partners to over 28,000 globally (Yes, you read that right!).

Their partnership network is growing and shows no signs of slowing down. (Source)

Below, I’ve broken down the stats for the total number of Deloitte partners based on country, gender, age, and race. Let’s take a look!

(Source )

Deloitte Partners by Country

Deloitte’s partner distribution worldwide is a fascinating count! In the US, they have a high number of partners, that’s 6,008.

Last year, Deloitte US promoted 22 new partners in its New York office, 20 in Chicago, and 16 in San Francisco. 

The table below will give you the number of new partners in other US cities:

US CitiesNew Promoted Partners
San Jose4
San Diego1

While in the UK, they’ve got 1,218 partners. Impressive, right? Malaysia and Canada also have more than 130 and 1,006 partners, respectively, in both countries.

Not only that, but Deloitte shows considerable influence in Australia with its 880-strong partnership network.

India, on the other hand, contributes 480 partners to Deloitte’s global network!

Now, let’s have a look at some more partners working in Deloitte offices in other major countries. 

Name of Country/RegionNo. of Partners
Middle EastOver 3000
Southern African Region284
South Africa267

This diverse number of Deloitte partners worldwide shows that the firm’s reach and expertise are remarkable in the respective field.

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Deloitte Partners By Gender 

Deloitte has never discriminated among its employees and partners alike on the basis of gender. As a matter of fact, it has a strong focus on gender equality! (in terms of work and leadership) (Source)

Women make up 23% of the Deloitte Global Executive and 33% of the Deloitte Global Board of Directors. The firm is aiming at 40% female representation in the workplace by 2025. (Source)

At this time, Deloitte has the largest percentage of equity female partners at 24% as of March 31. This percentage has significantly increased over the years. (Source)

Deloitte’s COO David Hill said, “Our Aspiring Women’s program has been core to our success over many years and ensures we are actively developing future generations of female partners across all levels of our firm.” (Source)

I also managed to get the percentage of newly promoted female Deloitte partners in the UK, Ireland, South Asia, and the Middle East. Let’s go through these stats:

In the UK, Deloitte promoted 124 partners, with 35% of female representation (30% up from last year). This means women now make up 26% of Deloitte’s total UK partners list. 

Deloitte Ireland also promoted 14 new partners this year. Among them, 5 were women, which increased the firm’s female partner representation to 28%. While in the Middle East, new partner promotions consisted of 23% of females. (Source)

In the South Asian region, Deloitte promoted 34% of female partners this year. They also make up 67% of those who are advanced to partner status from 2020. (Source)

The latest partner promotions at Deloitte Middle East were discussed by Rana Ghandour Salhab, People and Purpose Partner at Deloitte Middle East. 

According to him, “Deloitte strives to make gender balance the norm across our organization and increase female representation in both partnership admissions and other leadership roles. This year, 24% of our promoted partners were women, and we will continue to set aspirational goals and adopt global standards spanning the entire career lifecycle—from recruitment, promotion, and succession processes to development, mentoring, sponsorship, and flexible working.” (Source)

Deloitte Partner by Ethnicity

The Deloitte Partners demographics extend beyond geography and gender. It’s also about race and ethnicity!

Deloitte has over 26% of the workforce from ethnic minority backgrounds worldwide. Among these, only 6% of partners are from different ethnicities. 

In the UK, 6% of Deloitte partners come from an ethnic minority background as of now (Though they’re aiming for 12% by 2025). The Black community represents 0.5% of the partner base, with a target of 3% by 2025. (Source)

While in the US, the firm made progress with 7.7% of Black partners. Deloitte partners from Hispanic and Latix ethnicities make up above 4.7% of the total count.

However, there is still room for improvement in the representation of Asian and other racial cohorts among Partners, Principals, and Managing Directors. By the way, Deloitte is gunning for 25% by 2025. (Source)

These stats clearly show Deloitte is committed to improving the diversity of its partner ranks. It recognizes the importance of equal representation across racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Deloitte Partners By Age

I scoured various sources, but there is no information available for the number of Deloitte partners by age. 

However, I learned that the average age of becoming a partner at the firm is 35 to 50. While the retirement age for a partner is 60 years. (Source)

This means most of the partners at Deloitte usually fall within the 35 to 60 age bracket!

Wrapping Up!

In this article, I’ve shed light on the most commonly asked question, “How many partners does Deloitte have?” I’ve explored the stats in detail and broken them down by: 

  • Country
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity 
  • Age

It’s clear now! Deloitte’s partnership network is not just a sheer quality. It’s about the remarkable diversity that adds to their success. 


  • Martin Williams

    Martin Williams worked as a Lead Educational Consultant for Early Impact for 5 years. He has also worked as a journalist, and is the owner of several online publications.