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10 Reasons Why EY Is A Good Company To Work For

EY (Ernst & Young) stands as a beacon of excellence and innovation for many professionals looking to kick-start their careers. But is it really a good company to work for?

EY can be an excellent choice to pursue your career and thrive professionally because of its global presence and prestige and a thorough insight into how the company operates, acquires highly reputable clients, and delivers flawless services to them. 

Some other reasons why EY is a good company to work for are: 

  • Excellent work-life balance
  • Competitive pay and benefits
  • Diverse and inclusive work environment
  • A multitude of networking and leadership opportunities
  • Recognition and rewards for your hard work

In this article, I’ll explore the 10 reasons why EY is a good company to work for and attracts top talents in the industry to advance their careers.

London waterfront skyline, the headquarts of Ernst and Young.

1. Global Presence and Prestige

With over 700 EY locations in over 150 countries, you get the opportunity to gain global experience. 

This unmatched presence is unique. How does EY manage such a feat? 

The company’s organizational structure is divided into the Executive and Regions.  The Executive domain of EY includes: 

  • Governance bodies
  • Global leadership
  • Strategic Oversight
  • Three geographic areas. 

On the other hand, the Regions are grouped under 3 geographic areas, namely:

  • America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe, Middle East, India, and Africa (EMEIA) (Source)

But that’s not it! EY has also secured its spot as the 3rd most prestigious accounting firm by Vault. The table below highlights even more recognitions that reflect the well-earned reputation of the firm: (Source)

Mazgine or SourceRanking
Fortune Great Companies to Work For50
Vault Best Consulting Firm to Work For (Culture)15
Big 4 Ranking (by revenue)3rd
Vault Best Consulting Firm For Diversity (Disability)11

After seeing these stats, I have no doubts why EY is often a top choice for those seeking a professional home. This is because these rankings are usually based on the reviews of employees who are or have worked for the company. 

2. Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion at the workplace are not just buzzwords at EY but are its core values. The firm gives importance to your voice and perspective, which gives you a sense of belonging there.

To keep up the morale, your individuality is not only accepted, but it’s celebrated as the driving force that can help EY stand apart in the consulting industry. (Source

That’s not all! These same values in EY don’t go unheard by some notable names and are equally recognized by: 

  • Seramount
  • Fortune Magazine
  • Corporate Equality Index
  • Disability Equality Index
  • DiversityInc
  • Vault (Source)

One employee at the EY said on Indeed, “Our group is very close and makes work enjoyable! All clients and days are different, but teams do a great job at focusing on diversity and inclusion, innovation, and culture.” (Source)

3. Committed to Excellence and Work

Securing a role at EY is a gateway to industry insights and a firsthand look at how the world operates beyond textbooks. 

Since the company is committed to excellence and work, it places a strong emphasis on accuracy, precision, and thoroughness in all its services. Its core focus is to deliver value to its clients by deeply understanding their needs and providing tailored solutions. 

Due to its client-centric approach, EY attracts some top businesses and organizations for:

  • Audit
  • Tax
  • Financial statements and other services. 

This gives you a chance to learn from like-minded people and some top talents in the industry. Your seniors will also move one step up and even assign you some trial projects to guide you in your initial days at the firm. (Source)

4. Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is an elusive factor that can make or break your career. But luckily, at EY, this balance is not merely a dream. 

Depending on the project or service line in EY, you might have to work for up to 6 months, after which you get a breather before the next big stepping stone. 

But hold on; it’s not just about the project durations! The firm is also known for having an enjoyable workspace and flexible work-from-home opportunities. 

Doesn’t this show that EY is truly a haven where professional growth meets personal contentment? It does!

According to an employee, “I have worked in Deloitte and EY both. When we compare the Work-life balance aspect, I put EY on first position. However, it depends on your service line and managers too. If you are a good performer and your dependency on others to meet the deadlines is less, you can avail flexibility. Company policy permits you 1- 2 days work from home every week across all the service lines.”

5. Pay and Benefits

Pay and benefits are always at the center stage when applying to any firm. 

At EY, the salary spectrum ranges from an average of $54,275 to $155,379 per year. (Source)

But what about the perks that come along with the salary? Don’t worry because EY has you covered there, too!

Forget the digits! The firm offers various benefits tailored to improve various facets of your life, such as:

  • Care cash allowance
  • Life Assurance and Group Income Protection
  • Interest-free student loans for graduates
  • 27-day leaves per year
  • Family leave for childbirth, surrogacy, paternity, maternity, and adoption
  • Shared parental leave for up to 52 weeks
  • Sick pay for up to 52 weeks and £500 to invest in your health and well-being
  • Free eyesight testing and health assessment for employees aged 35 and over
  • Insurances for dental, travel, personal accidents, critical illness, and more (Source)
Tall scyscrapers in  New York City

6. Learning Scope and Career Opportunities

EY is the best company to start your career in the finance and accounting industries, and they try their best to provide you with immense learning tools and growth opportunities.

The firm values continuous improvement and invests heavily in your professional development by enhancing your technical soft skills through:

  • Training programs
  • Learning resources
  • Dedicated workshops 


Here’s an exciting tidbit! EY opens doors to expand your horizons globally. Wondering how? You get international exposure after working for a few years and can even settle abroad. 

Yet, it is more than your international prospects! You’ll also find opportunities to enhance your corporate etiquette through interactions with esteemed clients and colleagues. (Source)

7. Networking

Ernst and Young thrive on creating opportunities for you to connect with colleagues at all levels. 

If you are thinking about how exactly networking unfolds, the EY ecosystem paves a way to engage with your juniors or seniors by providing:

  • Co-curricular activities
  • Annual dinners
  • Town halls meetings
  • Monthly lunch and dinner with team members

But you are not just confined within the firm! While working at EY, you also get the chance to create a web of professional relationships with top clients from diverse industries for the betterment of your future aspects. (Source)

8. Recognition In the Job Market

As a fresher, you may know that stepping into the professional landscape is exciting and nerve-wracking. 

However, when you’re associated with a powerhouse like EY, the impact on your job prospects is palpable. 

The plain and simple fact is If you try to pursue a career somewhere else after working at EY, your candidacy instantly gains a remarkable edge. This helps you stand head and shoulders above the competition for your next role.  

There’s more than just the name! After gaining significant work experience at EY, it shows your record of excellence on your resume, and that becomes a cornerstone of your professional identity. 

Even if you want to start your own practice, EY’s name on your portfolio builds trust and credibility with your potential clients. (Source)

9. Recognition and Rewards

Hard work and dedication don’t go unnoticed at EY. The company acknowledges and rewards outstanding contributions from its employees to promote a healthy culture of appreciation. These awards may include:

  • EY bragging rights badge
  • Tag My Counselor award
  • Best Counselor or Best Tutor award
  • Efficiency Champion award
  • Facilitators Recognition Program
  • Employee Referral Program (Source)

10. Leadership Opportunities

Last, but not the least! EY can provide you with a clear path to becoming a leader in your respective service line. 

It has come to my attention that high-performing individuals have the chance to take on increased responsibilities, lead teams, and shape the direction of the company’s initiatives.

Even at your early career stage, the company wants to be the leader by letting you handle difficult tasks and getting direct managerial experience. (Source)

It may involve being responsible for handling a team in your second year at the firm. You will look after the workload of your team members, guide their way to success, and report their progress to upper management. 

Wrapping Up!

In the end, I’ve explored 10 reasons why EY is a good company to work for and how it can be a compelling choice for many professionals like you.

EY has established itself as a frontrunner in creating an enriching workplace where every individual gets to grow professionally with ease. 

After reading these reasons, it’s now up to your personal choice and preferences to decide whether this firm is the right place to start your career. 

If you’re looking to potentially get a job at EY, I found the following Youtube video extremely helpful:


  • Will Bennett

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