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9 Reasons Why KPMG Is A Good Company To Work For

Being a global leader in the field of audit, advisory, and tax services, KPMG is a hub of opportunities for consultants looking to get into the field. But are they are good company to work for (really)?

After carefully analyzing various aspects of KPMG, I found that it is a good company to work for because of its strong global presence and prestige, its focus on the personal career development of the employees, and the initiatives to provide flexible policies for work-life balance. 

Some other reasons why KPMG is a good company to work for are: 

  • Extensive clientele and flexible project plotting 
  • Broad networking opportunities
  • Diverse and inclusive working culture
  • Competitive pay and other benefits 
  • Recognitions and rewards for employees
  • Friendly working culture

In this post, I’ll explore:

  • The key 9 reasons why KPMG is a good company to work for
  • How it stands out as a top employer in the professional arena
Toronto skyline at sunset

1. Strong Global Presence and Reputation

KPMG is huge!

KPMG stands out as one of the best firms due to its extensive global presence and strong reputation.

The company operates across 145 counties and has over 265,000 employees. (Source)

The strong presence signifies the significance and influence of the consulting firm on a global scale.
This gives you two things:

  1. The opportunity to not only have the name of an international company on your resume
  2. But also the chance to meet people from diverse backgrounds. 

The reputation is further underlined by its consistent presence on Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For list for 16 consecutive years.

In fact, it has secured the 38th position on this list last year. (Source)

But that’s not all!

KPMG has also achieved noteworthy rankings in the World’s Most Attractive Employer list by Universum, where it is placed 12th among business and 61th among Engineering and IT students. (Source)

In addition to these accolades, the firm holds the 4th spot in Vault’s list of “Most Prestigious Consulting Firms.”

This recognition highlights its esteemed status within the industry and clearly shows why you should join its ranks. (Source)

2. Personal Career Development

KPMG follows a structured approach to the personal career development of its workforce.

When you join the firm as an assistant, you’ll undergo a five-week training program to kick-start your professional journey. 

The firm further invests in your learning through its Business School. This has a comprehensive range of local and international seminars, educational activities, training courses, and professional certifications. These include:

  • CISA
  • ACCA
  • CFA
  • Auditor
  • Tax Advisor
  • MBA

Being a part of this global company, you also get the option to take internships in different countries, such as: 

  • Australia
  • Netherlands
  • USA
  • New Zealand and others 

The duration of this internship can vary from short-term to three-month stays or even several years, as per your preferences.

This gives you a chance to broaden your professional outlook in the different offices within the KPMG global network of advisory firms. (Source)

3. Work-Life Balance

KPMG provides a noteworthy work-life balance to its employees through various initiatives. 

For this purpose, the firm offers flexible work hours and often follows a hybrid model. This can help you to maintain a good balance between your professional obligations and personal lives. 

That’s not just it! KPMG understands the significance of time off and allows you to enjoy a total of 25 days of vacation per year.

It also includes three days of firm-wide leave, usually around the festive season between Christmas and New Year’s.

The corporation’s efforts to provide work-life balance to its professionals do not end here. 

KPMG goes the extra mile and gives you the chance to extend your holidays by taking compensatory leave for any overtime you put in. During your exam preparation, you can also request study leave.

The company also recognizes that a balanced life is not just about work – it’s about holistic well-being. 

That’s why it does not just stop at work-related perks. KPMG supports sports activities, organizes cultural events, and even has a group meeting with team-building exercises twice a year. 

To add to the mix, KPMG doesn’t just focus on its employees. I came to know that the firm also celebrates their families and organizes various activities for them, including:

  • Theatre outings for couples
  • A Special St.Nicholas party for kids
  • A big annual Christmas party  (Source)

4. Diverse Client Base and Flexible Project Plotting

KPMG collaborates with a diverse range of clients from various industries. This gives you an opportunity to engage with different sectors and business models and gain much-needed experience quickly. (Source)

Most importantly, the plotting and performance manager at the firm considers your preferences and opinions while assigning you a client. 

For instance, if you are living close to the client another employee is working on, the manager will reshuffle the assignment to make it convenient for both of you.

Isn’t it a great way to ensure job satisfaction? Indeed, it is! (Source)

KPMG office block in downtown Chicago
The KPMG offices in Chicago

5. Networking Opportunities

Being a part of KPMG means you get extensive networking opportunities because it connects you to a number of people. (Source)

You get to interact with some top talents in the industry, clients, and other experts. This exposure improves your knowledge and opens doors to potential partnerships and collaborations in the future. 

As one of the Functional Consultant on Glassdoor said about the firm, “There are a lot of opportunities internally due to the plethora of services they offer, so a lot of networking goes on, and this helps you learn from one another. You are always encouraged to try new things if you want to be exposed to other sectors/techs, etc.” (Source)

6. Diverse and Inclusive Culture

Another factor that makes KPMG stand out as an excellent workplace is its commitment to promoting a diverse and inclusive environment. 

It actively seeks new talent from a wide range of ethnicities and cultures to remove any obstacles that might prevent people from achieving their full potential. 

This approach creates a truly collaborative environment where individuals can be their authentic selves at work. (Source)

Here’s the table that shows the diversity and inclusion rate at KPMG: 

Ethnic Minorities30%
Black Heritage6%
Non-Black Heritage75%
Two or more races3%
Disabled or long-term condition8%


7. Pay and Benefits

The salaries at KPMG vary depending on the role and service line. For instance, a SALT Associate earns up to $46,602 per year on average, while a Managing Director gets around $434,280 annually.

Some other average salaries for different positions at KPMG are: 

  • Audit Associate: $67K-$81K
  • Manager: $139K-$218K
  • Senior Associate – Advisory: $81K-$103K
  • Senior Audit Associate: $75K-$92K
  • Director: $230K-$378K
  • Accountant: $61K-$90K
  • Consultant: $89K-$128K


The firm also provides some benefits to keep its employees motivated. These include: 

  • Pension options
  • Car wash allowance 
  • Personal insurance and life assurance
  • Corporate mobile phone and lifestyle discounts
  • Flextra (A scheme to choose benefits for you and your family)
  • Private medical insurance and health cash plan
  • BeWell employee assistance program
  • Up to  £7,000 student loan
  • Study leave and other benefits (Source)

One employee said about the pay and benefits at KPMG, “The culture of the firm is wonderful, the benefits are really attractive (days off, work arrangement, summer Fridays, perks, etc.) if only the benefits could be fairly enforced through all departments…”  (Source)

8. Recognition and Reward For Hard Work

KPMG is also well-known for its robust recognition and reward programs, which motivate and appreciate you for your contributions.

Some of the recognitions and rewards for employees at KPMG are: 

  • Recognition program where colleague nominates each other for awards and recognition
  • Total rewards program 
  • Spot Bonus and Service Award for exceptional performance and dedication
  • Chairman’s Award
  • Quarterly Kudos award for best employee
  • Rising Star for best new joiner
  • Green Employee Award for contribution to social activities in the last 6 months
  • Best Performer of the Month
  • Appraisal 

I can say that KPMG’s emphasis on recognition and rewards truly sets it apart as the best employer by choice! 

9. Work Environment

The management culture at KPMG is truly remarkable, with a strong emphasis on supporting employees. (Source)

The teams are usually composed of individuals with critical skills that enable them to give substantial value to clients and explore new opportunities. 

I’m intrigued by the collegial atmosphere at KPMG that allows new talents to expand their skills by collaborating with the local team and knowledge sharing.

Moreover, if you are an intern, the management team provides you with a friendly environment to help you learn from your colleagues.

One can clearly see that people at KPMG are highly valued, which undoubtedly contributes to the overall positive atmosphere. (Source)

Wrapping Up!

In this article, I’ve explained 9 reasons why KPMG is a good company to work for to help you make the right decision while selecting your career path.  

From its global presence and commitment to career development to its emphasis on work-life balance, the company puts forward a well-rounded environment for your growth and development. 

However, I suggest that as you reflect on these aspects, ensure to align them with your personal and professional goals before making any decision.

If you’re still interested in working for KPMG, I found the following Youtube video really useful:


  • Will Bennett

    Will Bennett is a Cambridge graduate. He worked as a Consultant and Senior Consultant at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in London. Will is the Founder of The Cambridge Consultant.