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LEK Consulting Internship – What To Expect + How To Apply

Most employees seem to agree that LEK has really earned its place on the 100 Best Companies list. And LEK Consulting hosts popular internship programs across its twenty offices across five continents.

The LEK Consulting internship programs have one of the highest employee happiness scores. Every application is reviewed, and applicants are considered from a diverse pool of backgrounds and industries.

I’ve been working in consulting for several years, and I keep an eye on all of the internship programs out there.

In this post, I’ll look at:

  • What internships are available at LEK consulting?
  • What are the entry requirements?
  • What to expect from an LEK internship
  • What methods does the company use?
  • International opportunities
  • The work culture
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What Internships are Available at LEK Consulting?

LEK Consulting runs two internship program streams. The first applies to undergraduate students who are hired as Summer Associates. The second applies to MBA candidates who are employed as Summer Consultants.

What Are the Requirements For LEK Internship?

LEK only hires top-performing undergraduates interested in consulting to join their intern team. LEK attracts candidates who want continued growth in a learning environment, assessing growth on merit.

The vast majority of interns start at LEK fresh out of college, university, or a business school. LEK also opens its doors to experienced talent across fields and industries.

Overall, LEK hires energetic interns who show enthusiasm and are motivated to work.

What to expect in an LEK Internship

The internship is 8-10 weeks long.

Interns are exposed to actual casework from the get-go and experience what it is like to work as an experienced consultant through working in the same teams.

Each team is headed by an Associate who takes the intern under their wing. Even as an intern, the workstream is consistent with that of an Associate.

Associates teach summer Interns strong research and analytical skills. As an intern, you will be responsible for gathering primary and secondary data for specific projects and clients.

In addition, the Associate team leader will guide you in analyzing and interpreting data. 

Interns are expected to drive research, build analyses and models, interpret complex data, identify critical client issues, solve analytical challenges, and create client presentations.

Other expected tasks are leading interviews with key stakeholders and working with the team to derive insights, conclusions, and recommendations based on the work.

The Associate team leader also shows interns how to change their work into insights that the client will appreciate and understand. 

Summer Consultants are usually the most experienced team members who dedicate all their time to a single project during their internship. This narrows their focus, and, as a result, an intern is rarely given the opportunity to guide the whole team

At LEK Consulting, Summer Consultant interns are responsible for guiding and managing the case team. Tasks include identifying problem areas in cases, structuring analyses, managing the daily activities of associates, sharing insight into a specific case, and delivering the final product to the client. 

What Work Methods are Used at LEK Consulting?

LEK Consulting relies heavily on the importance of learning and teaching interns to grow within the consultancy. 

LEK applies methods such as on-the-job training, mentorship, and achievement on the merits of an intern’s work. Senior leaders within LEK are responsible for mentoring interns. 

Both formal and informal performance feedback systems apply, some of which follow traditional manual methods, and others, with advanced analytics tools, and processes. 

LEK Vs Big 4

Working at a smaller more focused firm such as LEK has several pros and cons in relation to working at the Big 4. Some of these are:

Working at LEKWorking At Big 4
DowntimeExpect more time off in between big assignmentsEmployees generally have less time off
Range of SectorsWork is often more focused on a particular sector (e.g. healthcare)Work can be more spread across different sectors
Firm SizeSmaller, and more focussed client poolLarger, with widespread global client pool
Career AdvancementSet out career pathWider range of possible career paths
Starting SalariesTend to be higherTend to be lower, but with opportunity for rapid career advancement

Will I have an Opportunity to Gain International Work Experience as an LEK Intern?

LEK interns are not expected to travel much.

This enables interns to maintain their home life with ease while nonetheless forming part of an office community and corporate culture. 

It is important to note that LEK has twenty offices around the globe, spanning five continents.

LEK boasts several international clients, which gives interns international work experience from the comfort of their homes, where they are based. 

LEK Consulting offers a discretionary six-month swap program with its global branches, which is something interns can look forward to.

What is the Work Culture Like as an LEK Intern?

LEK Consulting boasts a high employee happiness rating, one of the highest in its industry. Employee well-being is a top priority whether an intern or a long-standing member of staff. 

Employees rarely work over weekends, and the number of work hours expected differs from project to project and is clearly communicated before starting on a specific project.

An employee anonymously commented on Glassdoor that “LEK-ers work hard when there is a deadline – but then are given time off to account for it, so it balances out.”

Something LEK does differently is allowing staff to engage in what is referred to as an externship.

This is basically a secondment that allows employees to spend two to three months volunteering at their Non-Profit Organisation of choice

If you are not already an MBA graduate or studying towards completing an MBA, LEK assists with applying for a program of your choice.

Career coaching and transition support are also offered. LEK is also proud of its Alumni Network, which also provides invaluable support and assists in changing careers or specializing later down the line.

LEK is by far one of the more prominent resource management consultancies around the globe.

It ranks high for its commitment to growing employees in their careers, as well as personally.

Many of its employees have commented favorably about the firm on Glassdoor, stating that LEK is a “Great place to start your career” and has “Great development opportunities.”

That LEK has “good projects, learning opportunities, and people.”

What is the Application Process for an LEK Internship Like?

LEK reviews every application that they receive.

Applications are open year-round when vacancies arise, and application dates for internships may vary. 

LEK hosts a few rounds of interviews which range from a general interview, an opportunity to review your background, and a case study.

The process differs from region to region, but interviews tend to determine both your strategic and quantitative abilities.

The aim is to learn about you and how you respond to business issues within the areas of work you may be assigned as a successful applicant.

Keep an eye out for internship opportunities on LEK’s website using this link:


  • Will Bennett

    Will Bennett is a Cambridge graduate. He worked as a Consultant and Senior Consultant at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in London. Will is the Founder of The Cambridge Consultant.