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PWC Consulting Internship

PWC Consulting Internship

Are you considering a career in management consulting at a Big Four firm?

PWC offers a management consulting summer internship through its advisory branch Strategy&. Their program has been a consistent winner of the ‘Employer of Choice’ Award through SAGEA Awards and PWC ranks high among past and present employees.

Keep reading if you are interested in learning more about PWC’s management consulting summer internship.

What Will I Get From a PWC Consulting Internship?

Strategy& requires interns to attend compulsory training which covers areas such as consulting skills and how to use in-house technology. Few management consultancies offer training outside of practical experience. 

Training providers who specialize in management consulting training are known to charge an arm and a leg for training courses and one-on-one sessions. That being said, in-house training automatically boosts your resume without an additional cost to yourself. 

Further, each intern is assigned a Career Coach who provides the intern with feedback based on project performance.

Interns reportedly earn up to $27,98 per hour, almost 105% above the national average earnings in the United States. The upside of starting as an intern is that 93% of interns are retained in the workforce upon completion of their internship.

Summer interns receive valuable insight into the world of business while working at a globally recognized firm. PWC is no stranger to the business world, and ranks among the Big Four accounting firms around the globe. 

Overall, PWC interns are granted an opportunity to grow as an individual, work flexibly, build relationships with colleagues through networking, and make an impact in the workplace.

What Schools Does PWC Recruit From?

PWC’s Strategy& branch recruits interns from leading undergraduate colleges, universities, and business schools. PWC does not disclose which institutions it considers by name. However, potential interns who show talent are prioritized. 

What Qualifies Me for an Internship at PWC?

Students need to be in at least the second last year of undergraduate or post-graduate studies, or in the final year of undergraduate studies with their post-graduate studies confirmed in order to qualify for an internship at PWC. 

PWC recruits interns who have a 2:1 academic score, or who are on par to achieve this score in their final year. Although they are a renowned accounting firm, PWC considers interns from all career backgrounds for its consulting and advisory roles. 

What Can I Expect Working at PWC as an Intern?

Interns can expect to shadow different management consulting teams at the same time to gain well-rounded experience. Interns form part of teams ranging in size from two to thirty people. Projects can be based in the UK, USA, the Middle East to Africa.

There is diversity in project areas which gives interns the opportunity to have broad experience in management consulting. Interns undergo training that covers digital tools and technology, as well as general consulting skills. 

The company culture is supportive, and colleagues are helpful. There is a strong sense of inclusivity and diversity in the office, and PWC runs a strong Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. 

Interns are expected to be amenable to travel should a particular project require it. All levels of consultants are often required to be based at their client’s location. 

What Skills Does PWC Seek in Potential Intern Candidates?

PWC looks for five primary characteristics among potential interns: leadership, technical skills, business savvy, the ability to conduct oneself globally, and relationship building

What Technical Skills Are Expected From Interns?

Interns are exposed to in-house technology from the get-go and are expected to use Lucidchart and Mural on a daily basis. PWC desires applicants who have strong Excel experience and who are skilled at using Google Sheets. 

What do Past PWC Interns say?

According to ratings on Glassdoor, the management consulting internship at PWC gets full marks. The internship received positive feedback in five categories:

  • Presenting challenging work opportunities
  • Great people and camaraderie among colleagues
  • Lots of travel opportunities
  • Paid overtime
  • Fun events including happy hours

Interns remark that they received great support and guidance throughout their internship from colleagues, coaches, and project teams.

The internship is recommended to new potential interns, and the CEO has received in-house approval from employees through anonymous feedback.

What is the Interview Process Like at PWC?

In 2017, PWC was selected as a ‘Best Place to Interview’ by Glassdoor. The interview difficulty process has a ranking of 3 out of 5 stars on Glassdoor. The interview process follows various interview rounds which start with a generic reasoning and numeracy skills test. 

The first interview is a one-hour case interview attended by Human Resources and a senior associate. Candidates are only provided with the case facts on the day and are expected to provide the senior associate with a solution within the case interview.

Thereafter, shortlisted applicants undergo a follow-up interview with a Director which forms the second round of interviews.

Additional follow-up interviews are rarely required. Successful applicants will then receive an invitation to complete an internship at their nominated PWC office of choice depending on the availability of internships at the various offices.

When Should I Apply for an Internship at PWC?

Applications have no deadline. However, PWC advises applying early on in the year as only a few vacancies exist for interns in management consulting. PWC advises further that applicants should expect to wait for the outcome of their application for an internship as applications are measured against one another in order to ensure that the best applicants for the role are being recruited. 

How to Apply for an Internship at PWC?

Applications are both online and in-person via on-campus recruitment following career fairs. Approximately two-thirds of applicants apply online and this method is preferred. 

Online applications can be submitted on PWC’s website at, under the ‘Careers’ heading. Documents initially requested are a resume or CV and motivation or cover letter. 

Internships are also advertised on LinkedIn from time to time and depending on location.


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