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Slalom Internship

Slalom Internship

If you are interested in starting your internship at a technology-oriented management consulting firm, then Slalom Consulting is the place for you.

Slalom boasts a long list of awards behind its name, making it a top choice for any intern looking to start their career in consulting. Slalom boasts an overall rating of 4,9 out of 5 stars on Glassdoor and has been a top employer of choice for a number of years.

Continue reading if you would like to learn more about landing an internship at Slalom Consulting.

What is the Slalom Internship Program?

Slalom’s internship project focuses on engineering and runs for an average of 10 weeks during the US summer. Interns are expected to focus on software engineering and work alongside professional and experienced associates who guide interns in projects. 

Slalom has four primary work areas: business management, technology, organization effectiveness, and information management. Slalom started as a traditional management consultancy. However, more than half of its projects are now IT-oriented. Slalom is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and the go-to consultancy for technology projects.

Interns gain hands-on experience working with the latest technologies, as well as every aspect of an agile software development process. Interns are also responsible for feature design and implementation, expected to work in a fast-paced environment with a small project team.

Past interns consider getting into the Slalom internship as quite difficult. This is especially because Slalom only recruits a small number of interns and operates in a niche area of management consulting, which requires interns to have both an interest and a passion for technology.

Slalom invites between 21 to 50 interns to complete an internship at its six US and Canada-based offices throughout the year. This is a proportionately smaller number than most other internships, which also means that its interns gain hands-on experience throughout the internship.

What will I get from an Internship at Slalom?

Slalom operates in 39 markets around the globe, allowing interns to gain business experience in multiple projects in multiple locations. 

Slalom specifically considers itself as a business and technology consulting firm, getting its interns to assist on technologically-driven projects from the outset.

Interns are paid throughout their internship, which ranges from 6 to 12 weeks, with an average competitive salary of $21 per hour.

What Do Slalom’s Company Statistics Look Like?

Slalom boasts impressive statistics. Brad Jackson, Slalom’s CEO, has a 100% approval rate according to reviews by past and present employees at Slalom, with Slalom’s Leadership Score rated with an A by 161 employees. 99% of employees rate would recommend Slalom to a friend.  Furthermore, Slalom ranks high in diversity and inclusion, receiving a 4,1 to 4,4 star demographic rating out of 5 stars. 

Slalom also boasts other accolades, such as being voted as a 2021 Best Company (Seattle office), 2008 Best CEOs for Diversity, and the 2008 Best CEO for Seattle. 

Employee happiness is described as being high, with employees being happy about their perks. The Happiness Score is rated as an A by 140 employees, with the workplace environment rated again as an A by 115 employees. In addition, approximately 56% of employees state that they have developed close personal relationships with their colleagues. 

Slalom is ranked as one of Fortune 100’s Best Companies to Work for five years in a row. Employees consistently recognize and rank Slalom as one of the best places to work. 

Overall, Slalom Consulting ranks within the top 10 to 15% in each of its categories, making Slalom a preferable place to complete one’s internship in the consulting world.

What do Past Interns have to say about Slalom?

Past interns state that Slalom has an excellent work culture and positions itself as a friendly and helpful environment. Another intern described the working environment at Slalom as having an unbeatable culture and unmatched flexibility.

A current employee who started as an intern stated on Glassdoor, “Real, meaningful work is given to interns.” A small group of interns is hired, making one-on-one mentorship and guidance more impactful as individual performance is assessed alongside teamwork. 

Who Qualifies for an Internship at Slalom?

Slalom seeks applicants who are currently studying towards, or who have completed, a Bachelor of Sciences qualification either at undergraduate or Masters level. Other MBA graduates are also accepted; however, the preferred degree track is in the sciences . This is vital for consideration as Slalom operates in technology and business areas and is driven by technological innovation. 

Applicants are required to have at least a 3.00 to 3.49 GPA or equivalent rating, which is comparatively more flexible as compared to other management consulting intern programs. 

When do Applications for an Internship at Slalom Open?

Slalom opens its internship applications in January, and applications usually close on 1 March.

How to Apply for an Internship at Slalom?

Due to Covid, only online applications are currently open. However, applications can be made on the following link: Internship programs are listed alongside employment opportunities and must be applied for in line with the specific requirements and closing dates per application per office. 

Applicants are also directed to refer queries regarding internships to Erin Ranch, who works in Talent Acquisition at Slalom, by emailing her at [email protected]

What is the Selection Process Like for an Internship at Slalom?

After submitting your application online, the application is reviewed by the Slalom Build staff. Should you be shortlisted for an internship, the relevant staff member will set up a phone screening call as a first interview.

Once the phone interview is passed, the candidate will be called in for an in-person interview at their nearest Slalom office. There are usually no more interviews after the in-person interview, and successful candidates will receive an offer of employment.


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