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Which Big 4 Has The Best Culture? (Ranked In Order)

Each of the Big 4 accounting firms, PwC, Deloitte, EY, and KMPG, has a unique culture, so ranking them upon this factor is tricky. However, after extensive research and speaking with individuals who have worked there, I have found opinions and revealing facts about their work culture. 

Quick note – A company’s culture can vary based on your personality and the service line you intend to work in. The team members can also significantly influence your work experience.

That said, here, I have ranked the Big 4 companies regarding best culture from top to bottom:

  1. PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)
  2. Deloitte
  3. EY (Ernst & Young)
  4. KMPG (Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler)

In this post, I will explore which one of the Big 4 companies has the best culture considering the following factors:

  • Job security
  • Workplace environment
  • Awards
  • And recognition to help you choose between them

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The Los Angeles skyline at sunset, including the Deloitte Building
The Deloitte Building in downtown Los Angeles

#1. PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

PwC is the most prestigious of the other three accounting firms in the ‘Big 4,’ having an excellent reputation and supportive work culture. 


1. Workplace Environment

PwC has higher ratings for workplace environment, with employees describing the company as well-run. Why? Because the management encourages flexibility in how, where, and when tasks get done. 

This company also emphasizes professional development. They may offer coaching with formal and informal mentors, real-time feedback, and various career progression programs every step of the way.

2. Job Security

PwC’s reputation as the most prestigious accounting firm, with its enormous audit fees and many Fortune 100 audit clients, provides employees with solid job security.

This firm also continues to strengthen its lead in accounting and taxation to bolster its foothold and competitive edge over the market. This means you are in for the long run.


3. Awards and Facilities 

As a PwC employee, you may receive several awards and facilities, showing the company’s excellent culture. Some of them are:

  • Comprehensive medical benefits
  • Compensatory time off
  • Performance bonus
  • Attractive leave rewards
  • Competitive cash benefits


#2. Deloitte

Deloitte is one of the enormous companies in the ‘Big 4’ by revenue, known for its focus on consultancy services. However, considering culture and diversity, it is still behind PwC by a minimal margin.

1. Work Culture

At Deloitte, you can expect a work culture that values hardworking employees. The company promotes an environment that fosters trust and encourages leadership development.

Their culture also promotes a spirit of entrepreneurship and a willingness to pivot effectively, which help them maintain their consulting capability and excellent work-life balance for employees.  


2. Job Security

Deloitte’s core business involves offering consultancy services, which requires continuously pursuing new projects. This means you may lose your job in the absence of new projects. 

Nevertheless, the company invests heavily in its employees, providing them with state-of-the-art training facilities like Deloitte University and fostering a culture that values its people. 

3. Awards and Facilities 

Here is a list of awards and facilities that you can receive at Deloitte, demonstrating friendly working conditions: 

  • General health coverage
  • Live Well Program
  • Paid-time off
  • Car lease program
  • Maternity Leave for women


Pershing Square in New York

#3. EY (Ernst & Young)

Ernst & Young (EY) is the third largest among the ‘Big 4’ accounting firms, offering audit, Tax, and advisory services. The company has a versatile and friendly work culture but is more competitive and sometimes hectic than Deloitte and PwC.

1. Work Culture

You may get inclusiveness, excellent coaching development, and engagement in each individual’s professional and personal aspirations at EY. 

The company values every team member, encouraging everyone to contribute to the global workforce approach and reminding them that their opinion is valued. 

EY will also offer you rotational programs across different specialties for 1-2 years. This initiative provides a diverse set of experiences in a structured environment.


2. Job Security

EY provides a stable work environment with a long history of client relationships lasting over 70 years. The company may also offer you opportunities for growth and development to progress in your dream career.

3. Awards and Facilities 

As an EY employee, you can potentially earn several awards and facilities. Those include:

  • Celebrating anniversaries with the firm
  • Celebrating employees’ achievements (Efficiency Champion, Best Counselor, Best Tutor, etc.)
  • Tag My Counselor award
  • Facilitators Recognition Program
  • Employee Referral Program


4. Women and LGBTQ Rights

EY is the best place to work for a female!

The company has taken a leadership role among the ‘Big 4’ firms in promoting females and supporting LGBTQ rights.

Their commitment to gender diversity is evident in their target of having at least 30% of women in senior leadership roles by 2025. 


In addition, EY offers various programs to support women in the workplace, such as their Women. Fast Forward initiative aims to accelerate women’s advancement in leadership positions.

The table below shows the strength of women at each firm in the ‘Big 4.’

Company NameStrength of Women %
Deloitte 45%


#4. KMPG

KPMG has a unique culture, less focused on the stereotypical city graduate lifestyle, providing employees with an excellent work-life balance. However, being the smallest of the ‘Big 4’ firms, you may get slightly lower salaries.


1. Work Culture

You can expect a mixture of the old-school style of PwC and agile Deloitte’s work culture at KPMG. The company significantly emphasizes employee engagement and maintaining a healthy work-life equilibrium. 

One of the Quora Contributors says, “KPMG has more student-friendly policies for interns, including provisions for comp-off, study leaves before exams, and permission for attending classes. Additionally, they pay interns reportedly higher than EY, which may be crucial for some students considering internships.”


2. Job Security

KPMG has a reputation for excellent staff development, and its employees have higher pass rates for essential qualifications than the industry standard. 

By joining this company, you’ll have access to various resources to help you grow your expertise and advance your career within the organization.

3. Awards and Facilities

While working at KPMG, you have the opportunity to receive several awards and facilities, showing the company’s worthy culture. Some of which include:

  • Pension options
  • Bonus scheme that reflects firm and individual performance
  • A car cash allowance (for managers and above)
  • Personal accident insurance



  • Will Bennett

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