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How Many Partners Does PwC Have? Stats + Full Breakdown

It’s no surprise that the partners at PwC play a very important part in the company’s success. Reaching this level requires firm dedication and utmost professionalism. This spot is only offered to those who meet these requirements and spend years polishing their skills. 

I’ve learned that PwC has over 12,702 partners worldwide. It has the highest figures in the US (3,745) and the UK (1,057). Women partners make up 16% of the total, while racial diversity has increased by 8%. 

I’ve managed to find the individual number of PwC partners in these countries: 

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Italy and Singapore
  • France and Germany

In this article, I’ll uncover:

  • How many partners does PwC have. 
  • Stats for partners based on country, gender, and race. 
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Total Number of PwC Partners

As you probably know…PwC is an accounting consulting firm that offers advisory, assurance, financial statements, audit, and tax services to its clients.

It operates in over 800 offices across 157 countries (With nearly 328000 employees).

This huge workforce is managed by many PwC partners and directors/CEOs. The partners’ network is especially an important pillar of the company. They are the driving force behind the delivery of high-quality expertise and solutions to clients (Across diverse industries).

Therefore, if you want to understand the scope and influence of the firm, you need to explore its total number of partners.

While the specific figures might change with time, PwC has an extensive global partnership network. As of this year, PwC has over 12,702 partners globally. (Source)

These partners guide the strategic direction of the company. They maintain the highest standards of service quality and develop client relationships worldwide. 

Below, I’ll disclose the total number of PwC partners by country, gender, and race.

PwC Partners by Countries

PwC has regional variations in partner count to meet the demand of specific markets and industries.

Below is an in-depth breakdown of the PwC partners by different countries.

United States

PwC has a huge presence in the United States. It has a remarkable 3,745 partners as of the latest data.

This partnership network shows the significance of PwC in serving clients in the world’s largest economy. (Source)

United Kingdom

According to the latest stats, PwC UK has an impressive 1,057 partners. The country serves as an important hub for the firm’s European operations. 

Interior view of the hallway in the PwC headquarters in London
Inside the PwC building in London, UK


PwC Canada has a proud 110-year history of assisting different industries in the country. The firm has 308 partners located from coast to coast.


In Australia, PwC announced the promotion of 67 new partners recently. This brought the total number to 937. (Source)

Italy and Singapore

PwC Italy is home to 43 partners. They contribute to the efforts of the firm to support businesses and institutions in the European market. 

PwC is represented by 29 partners in Singapore.

France and Germany

PwC in France is strengthened by over 146 partners. While in Germany, the firm has more than 130 partners. 

After a very thorough research, I’ve found the number of PwC partners in some other countries that are mentioned in the table below. 

Country Partners
Mainland China and Hong Kong SAR800
Indonesia 66

PwC actively appoints new partners each year, increasing the total count. According to Hani Ashkar, Senior Middle East Senior Partner, “We are committed to investing in the growth and future of our business and I am delighted to welcome our talented group of new partners. With increasing market demands, our new partners will further strengthen our business by delivering on our purpose of building trust and helping our clients solve their most important problems. Their skills and expertise will enable us to maintain sustainable growth and support our clients and our people as they respond to unique challenges and opportunities.” (Source)

PwC Partners By Gender

PwC gives priority to gender equality. For this purpose, it has taken several steps and even collaborated with the UN Women’s HeForShe initiative

When it comes to the partner’s role, approximately 16% of them are women at PwC on a global scale (as of FY22). This figure reflects that the firm is dedicated to developing gender diversity within these ranks. 

Here is the data over the preceding years that shows the track of progress regarding gender diversity when it comes to partner positions at PwC:

YearFemale Partners Percentage


I’ve also found during the latest promotions in the UK that PwC maintained a noticeable gender diversity.

Out of 69 new partners, almost 38% were women. (Source)

These efforts align with the broader industry trends towards gender equality and diversity in the leadership position at PwC. 

PwC Partners by Race or Ethnicity

PwC is also actively working to improve race diversity within its partner ranks. It acknowledges the need for increased representation of professionals from different backgrounds as leaders. 

For the last few years, the firm has increased the percentage of racially diverse partners by 8%. Among these, just 2% are Black and 3% Brown (representing Hispanic or South Asian backgrounds). (Source)

In the PwC US, 18% of the partners are other than white or caucasian. While in the UK, the firm has 10% of the partners from minority backgrounds. (Source)

This shows the dedication of PwC to giving equal opportunities to people of color.

Here’s what Laura Hinton has to say about this, “Being transparent with our diversity data is central to our goals of improving representation across our firm and nurturing an inclusive workplace culture for our people. I’m pleased we’re able to share a more detailed breakdown of our ethnicity pay gaps, and we see this as an important driver of action and accountability as we focus on our efforts to reach true equality within the workplace.” (Source)

If you want to find out more about the partner lifestyle, and what being a partner at PwC is like, I found this Youtube video really useful:


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